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30 Day Follow Up Programme

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30 Day Follow Up Programme

At Lifelab Testing, we are here to help you find the ideal free-from foods. We have a team of advisors, expert lab technicians and nutritional therapists available to ensure that you get the support you need whilst you are doing your elimination diet. Analysing your results can be a difficult process, but the 30 days follow up is here to help you deal with the aftermath. Find out which free-from foods would be ideal for you. *If it’s not for you, we understand and you can unsubscribe from these emails at any time that you wish. However, we want to help you make the right choices in your diet and follow the correct processes to ensure you become both happier and healthier!

What is the 30 day follow up programme?

Our Lifelab Testing 30 days follow up programme offers thoroughly researched and detailed advice on a range of recipes full of free-from foods, meals and items that you should include in, or exclude from your diet. From the day after you receive your food intolerance or allergy results, you then receive a series of 30 follow up emails from us each morning, outlining what we think you should do to get the best out of your food intolerance results.  You will have to take note of your results, as these emails are generic, but they are a good guide to help you. Finding free-from foods and happiness in your diet is one of the main aims here at Lifelab Testing. We’re here to support you on your wellness journey with everything you need to make positive changes to your life.

30 Days Of Support. Direct To Your Email Address. Here’s a quick preview of what you can expect…

Planning a diet – Day 9

Planning a diet is not always the easiest thing to do, especially when you are limiting yourself to being healthy. It is especially hard if you don’t know what foods you need to cut out (or which free-from foods to include)!

An intolerance or allergy test helps you to find out what foods you need to eliminate in order to improve your diet.  As part of your 30-day journey, we do the hard work for you. On day 9, our nutritional therapists have laid out how much of each food group you should have, and what foods you should include. Optimise your diet by having access to expert advice and information, provided to you by Lifelab Testing. Blood testing techniques have been used globally since the 1970’s, in countries such as Australia, Asia, Europe, New Zealand and Russia.

Symptom Checking – Days 3, 7, 14 & 21

Throughout the 30-day journey, there will be four days when you check your symptoms using a symptom checker chart. We would encourage you to note down your symptoms and also rate the severity of your intolerance symptoms. This will help you and us to see how well the elimination diet is working for you, and whether or not we need to take a more in-depth look into what is causing your issues. So, monitor the severity and frequency of your symptoms on Days 3, 7, 14 and 21 and share your experience with us.

Reintroducing your foods – Day 27

Don’t worry, we don’t simply send you your results and leave you on your own. We guide you through the whole process, and like you, near the end of your 30-day journey, we begin to help you reintroduce these free-from foods into your diet. On day 27, we help you plan for the reintroduction of the foods.