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A Family With Allergies

Last Updated: 3rd February 2023 · Written by Donna Mastriani

At Lifelab Testing we discover people’s allergies and intolerances to help them lead a healthier, symptom-free life with a simple at-home allergy test. Our aim is to help people who are suffering from a variety of different allergies take back control of their lives, such as those of the Ross family.

Gemma Ross and her family all find themselves struggling with severe reactions to a variety of allergies that they are suffering from. Each reaction is different from the next; her daughter suffers from eczema; her son suffers from severe swelling and her other son from severe rashes. Each of their reactions require treating differently and taking care of in different ways which makes life extremely difficult for the Ross family and this is where an allergy test with Lifelab Testing can help.

Isla, Gemma’s daughter, is allergic to cat hair and dog hair and this causes her to have a severe eczema reaction when she comes into contact with them. This causes her to be in a lot of discomfort which not only puts a strain on herself but on Gemma too. Isla has also been given an adrenaline pen because there is a chance her reaction may be life-threatening enough for an EpiPen to be required.

Jenson, one of Gemma’s two sons, suffers from a large amount of swelling on his face when he encounters guinea pigs, dust mites, trees and grass. These are things we commonly come into contact with, so you can just imagine the struggle Gemma and her family go through in order to avoid reactions as serious as Jenson’s from reoccurring. 

The Ross family must cope with their allergies and reactions daily which puts a strain on their life as a family. Not only does Gemma have to focus on keeping her children safe, but herself too as she suffers from a gluten intolerance. Life is difficult for Gemma and her family, but they have no choice but to deal with the mass of allergies in the best way they can and that’s where Lifelab Testing can help. Our allergy test will test for a variety of different items we commonly come across such as grass, dust and pet hair.

Do you or your loved ones suffer from allergies like those of the Ross family?

From the age of 5, intolerances and allergies are said to have fully developed and a Lifelab Testing allergy test can discover these to help you and your children live an allergy-free life. Click here to find out more.

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