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Our Heritage

Fuelled by a determination and drive to help those who struggle from allergies and intolerances, Lifelab Testing was born out of a team’s passion for assisting others to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle. Offering an effective blood test for food allergies and intolerances, Lifelab Testing is determined to help people realise that what they are putting into their bodies does matter.

Bursting with experience, expertise and dedication, the Lifelab Testing team boasts an excellent Customer Service team who go the extra mile to ensure you have a prosperous future. They provide fantastic advice and support the Lifelab Testing team, which also holds unrivalled experience in the shape of scientists who have excelled in the allergy testing sector. Working alongside Lifelab’s scientists is our BANT qualified nutritionist who analyses your results and consults you via email or phone call to ensure you understand your body. Helping customers to discover their extra mile, the dedicated staff go the extra mile to make sure they provide you with the ultimate customer experience.

Lifelab Testing Advisory Board

Embedded in the culture of Lifelab Testing is an ethos of working hard to help people help themselves. The experience of Lifelab Testing stands out throughout the industry, thanks to its advisory board. Consisting of leading scientists and nutritionists, the advisory board provide their expert opinions on how Lifelab Testing can grow, as well as ensure it can help people identify their allergies and intolerances. The company uses the latest technology, which is available in the market, meaning it can analyse your blood with the utmost accuracy, leaving no stone unturned. The company’s advisory board are always searching for the next ‘big thing’ regarding allergy testing, with the primary goal of providing you with excellent service.

Our Aims and Goals

Determined to achieve its overall mission of helping people to live a happier and healthier life, Lifelab Testing has invested heavily in its people and technology, all of which provides gold standard products and services that you will not find anywhere else on the market. Having initially only offered its blood tests to those inside the UK, the company has launched in both Australia and America, expanding to help people around the world. Partnering with a vast array of well-known athletes, Lifelab Testing not only helps those to learn about their nutrition but also places a focus on health and performance. Take a look here at some of the country’s most well-known elite athletes which it has partnered with.

The Global Presence of Lifelab Testing

Although it has roots in Derbyshire, Lifelab Testing has a global presence. In the Asia Pacific region, Lifelab Testing operates out of James Cook University, the home of Professor Andreas Lopata, a specialist in allergy testing. With JCU at the forefront of allergy testing, Andreas and his team at JCU are determined to help its customers discover their extra mile.

Professor Andreas Lopata

An expert in the allergy testing industry, Lifelab Testing has been privileged to be able to lean on the advice of Professor Andreas Lopata. Andreas has over 27 years of experience in the molecular, immunological analysis of food allergens, meaning he can share his thoughts and advice to Lifelab Testing’s expert team. Andreas’ calm manner, as well as expertise, mean Lifelab can deliver one of the most informative and enjoyable journeys to its customers, as they look to discover their extra mile. Currently, from Lifelab Testing’s base at JCU, Professor Lopata is striving to develop the first-ever wide-spectrum finger prick allergy test throughout Australia.

Meet our Nutritionist Sian

Sian Baker is a very welcome addition to the Lifelab Testing team. Alongside her calm and considered approach to dealing with Lifelab Testing customers, BANT qualified Sian holds a vast array of qualifications which make her such a valued member of the team. As a nutritionist, Sian provides her expert nutritional advice to customers who have had their allergies and intolerances identified. Sian takes great pride in giving customers the full Lifelab Testing experience.

Whistle-Stop Tour

Lifelab Testing has a state-of-the-art allergy & intolerance laboratory certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. Excelling in allergy and intolerance testing, Lifelab Testing’s laboratories work around the clock to ensure it gives its customers the most comprehensive and detailed report on the market. To see the how easy it is to understand our report, please click here

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Award-winning Lifelab Testing is continuing to grow and develop. According to Trusted Shops, Lifelab Testing is the UK’s highest-rated allergy testing company with an overall excellence rating of 4.65 and above. Now boasting an office and laboratory hub at James Cook University, Lifelab Testing can service the Asia Pacific region to complement its UK and European centre of excellence. Servicing the global community is helping Lifelab Testing to achieve its overall mission of creating a happier and healthier life for all of its customers. Lastly, at Lifelab Testing, you know that your health is in good hands.

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