Donna Mastriani, Nutritionist / Care Manager

Donna Mastriani

Nutritionist / Care Manager

Donna Mastriani-Taylor, S.N.H.S. Dip. (Holistic Nutrition) is one of the longest-running members of the team, starting with Lifelab in 2014. As Customer Service Manager, she has 12 years of experience in the industry, whilst overseeing account management for numerous different health companies.

Donna is qualified in Holistic Nutrition from the London School of Natural Health Sciences, and regularly gives advice and meal plans along with our team of Nutritional Therapists, and Dr Enzo Fornari. Whilst managing the day to day running of the customer service, Donna is a keen baker and has transitioned to a vegan diet over ten years ago. She is a loyal and hardworking member of the Lifelab team by staff and customers alike, mentioned frequently in our 5-star reviews.

Donna's Posts:

Lifelab nominated for THREE eCommerce Awards

Last Updated: 08 Dec 2022

So, if you didn’t already know… Lifelab Testing has been nominated for three amazing awards at the eCommerce Awards for Excellence’ taking place in London this September – HOW AMAZING IS THAT?! The three awards we have been nominated for are the ‘Best Specialist eCommerce’, ‘Best Leisure, Fitness and Outdoors eCommerce’ and ‘Best Health and

Allergies and Intolerances Relating to Gut Health

Last Updated: 03 Feb 2023

The digestive system is an amazing organisation of organs, which work together to break down and digest food, absorb nutrients, as well as produce certain nutrients like vitamin K, vitamin B12, serotonin and short-chain fatty acids. Within the large intestine we each house trillions of bacteria, the combination of microbes is unique to each of

Georgia cole lifelab testing review

Survival of the Fittest star, Georgia Cole’s bloating battle

Last Updated: 29 Dec 2022

Like an estimated 86% of the UK female population, Georgia Cole, 25 has been suffering with painful stomach bloating and extreme stomach cramps and she couldn’t get to the bottom of why it was happening to her. Georgia starred in ITV’s latest hit Survival of the Fittest which pit a team of girls against boys

Keeping the kids safe from allergies when they go back to school

Keeping Your Kids Safe from Food Allergies as they Return to School

Last Updated: 29 Dec 2022

Anyone who has young children will be well aware that the school Summer holidays are just about over and it’s time to start shopping for those “back to school” essentials. If your child is unfortunate enough to have food allergies that cause them problems at home, lots of thought needs to be given to keeping

Tips for moving away to university

Ten Tips for Moving Away to University

Last Updated: 10 Nov 2022

Have you recently been accepted into your favourite University to begin your studies? If so, congratulations! But don’t let an allergy or intolerance stop you from moving with ease. Moving away from home with allergies and intolerances can be rather daunting as nobody will be aware of what you are suffering from and how to

guide to dealing with allergies on holiday

Coping with Allergies On Holiday

Last Updated: 12 Jan 2023

Having an allergy flare-up while on a hard-earned holiday can really put a dampener on things. Also, there’s much to think about when you’re preparing to jet off abroad, like making sure your case isn’t too heavy for the baggage allowance or whether your passport is in date or not. What often gets overlooked in

A Family With Allergies

Last Updated: 03 Feb 2023

At Lifelab Testing we discover people’s allergies and intolerances to help them lead a healthier, symptom-free life with a simple at-home allergy test. Our aim is to help people who are suffering from a variety of different allergies take back control of their lives, such as those of the Ross family. Gemma Ross and her

you dont have to suffer IBS symptoms forever

IBS – Caused by a Food Allergy or a Food Intolerance?

Last Updated: 29 Dec 2022

Believe it or not, as much as 20% of the UK population suffers from some form of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Of those, there is an equally substantial sum that is not in possession of their own specific set of IBS triggers and as such, spend their days failing to truly cope with its often-unpleasant

Autoimmune Disease and Allergies

Autoimmune Disease and Allergies

Last Updated: 29 Dec 2022

Autoimmune Disease and Allergies The immune system is our body’s primary defence system, with the ability to detect, attack and destroy any foreign invaders. However, in autoimmune disease, the body’s immune system turns its attention to its own healthy cells and attacks these. There are as many as 80 different types of autoimmune diseases, with

Dealing with Hay Fever in the Summer Months

Last Updated: 03 Feb 2023

It can’t have escaped your notice that the UK is experiencing a warm spell not seen since the mid-1970s and whilst this is great for sun worshippers and seaside goers alike, it’s not good news for everyone. Around 1 in 4 Britons suffer from hay fever, which equates to a staggering 15 million people and

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