Donna Mastriani, Nutritionist / Care Manager

Donna Mastriani

Nutritionist / Care Manager

Donna Mastriani-Taylor, S.N.H.S. Dip. (Holistic Nutrition) is one of the longest-running members of the team, starting with Lifelab in 2014. As Customer Service Manager, she has 12 years of experience in the industry, whilst overseeing account management for numerous different health companies.

Donna is qualified in Holistic Nutrition from the London School of Natural Health Sciences, and regularly gives advice and meal plans along with our team of Nutritional Therapists, and Dr Enzo Fornari. Whilst managing the day to day running of the customer service, Donna is a keen baker and has transitioned to a vegan diet over ten years ago. She is a loyal and hardworking member of the Lifelab team by staff and customers alike, mentioned frequently in our 5-star reviews.

Donna's Posts:

Performance And Allergy Testing

Last Updated: 03 Feb 2023

An athlete, whether a total novice, weekend warrior or seasoned pro, is looking for the very best in performance from their body. Any factor that affects their ability to sustain training, recover effectively or reduces peak physical fitness can mean a significant impact on performance. Allergies can be one such factor. In order to understand

Milk Allergy, Milk Intolerance or Lactose Intolerance?

Last Updated: 03 Feb 2023

The terminology used for allergies and intolerances is frequently used interchangeably. The terms milk allergy, milk intolerance and lactose intolerance are often thought of as one and the same. But the truth is, they are three different conditions with different physiological processes. Subsequently, each condition requires a different testing method. Today we’re exploring exactly what

Man vs. Rat Race

Last Updated: 10 Nov 2022

‘Lifelab Testing’ are sponsoring Stephen as he partakes in three challenging Rat Races this Summer. Since we were made aware that our Lifelab test helped Stephen to be where he is today by helping him to discover his intolerances, we decided to sponsor Stephen on his journey whilst helping to raise awareness for ‘Allergy UK’.

Allergies and the Role they Play in Migraines

Last Updated: 08 Dec 2022

When migraines strike, they can come seemingly out of the blue and they can also be hard to find a cause for, as a lot of the symptoms can be attributed to other issues. For example, someone with a migraine can experience a stuffy nose, significant sinus pressure and a pounding head, all of which can be explained

What Exactly Is An Allergy?

Last Updated: 08 Dec 2022

We’ve all heard people talking about having ‘allergies’. It’s quite a common thing in the modern age, but the true definition of what an allergy actually is, is lost on many. So, in an attempt to address that in some small way, we look now at the paradigm of allergies in closer detail. According to

Skin Allergies Explained

Last Updated: 03 Feb 2023

Irritation of the skin can be caused in many ways. A problem like this can happen as result of disorders of the immune system, infection or medication. When the immune system has been triggered by a particular allergen, this classifies the problem as a skin allergy. There are several different types of skin allergy. Here

Managing Food Intolerances

Last Updated: 03 Feb 2023

Many of us live with food intolerances. In fact, in the UK alone, there are believed to be over 2 million people suffering from one and sadly, a great deal of those don’t even know they have a problem. However, the good news is that there are ways to find out, and also effective methods

Child Food Allergies & Intolerances

Last Updated: 10 Nov 2022

Anyone who has any, will know that raising kids is a hard enough job as it is, without having to deal with any food allergies they may have. When your child has to avoid certain foods to stay healthy, it can make feeding them a little tricky, so we’ve thrown together a few frequently asked

Food Allergies: Managing Them At Work

Last Updated: 03 Feb 2023

An allergy to food can be a minor problem as well something much more serious and it is a condition that affects as many as 2 million in the UK alone, according to recent research carried out by the Food Standards Agency. Whilst an acute food allergy can be a problem at home, controlling what

Asthma can be helped by allergy testing

Asthma & Allergens That Cause It

Last Updated: 10 Nov 2022

Asthma is a common condition that causes respiratory distress, such as coughing, wheezing and acute difficulty in breathing. Whether the condition exists due to genetic or environmental factors, the symptoms are very often difficult to tell apart and even if allergens aren’t the direct cause, they can certainly exacerbate the problem. There are some distinct

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