Kate Young, Lab Manager

Kate Young

Laboratory Manager

Kate Young joined Lifelab in 2021 as our Laboratory Manager, following 7 years in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) for the Oak Clinic Group in Japan. Coordinating a team of 6, her expertise in processing protocols and validations has allowed us to gain ISO 9001 accreditation status and work towards Good Lab Practice and further ISO. After completing her BSc Combined Science: Human and Environmental Biological Studies in 1995, she describes herself as having ’detailed research skills and a very innovative mindset’.

Whilst working in embryology, Kate worked on 14 different publications including, ‘trophectoderm biopsy and human blastocyst development’, and talked at the ‘European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology’. Kate is a trusted member of the Lifelab team and her attention to detail ensures that each test is in safe hands and able to be validated. Kates enjoys working with the management team and has a close relationship with Dr. Fornari in the lab team.

Kate's Posts:

Egg Intolerance Guide

Last Updated: 10 Nov 2022

Egg intolerance and allergy is a common issue for many people, affecting 0.2% to 7% of the population 1. Considering eggs are a popular ingredient in many meals, and offer great nutritional benefits, it may come as a disappointment if you are experiencing negative symptoms when eating eggs. Within this useful egg intolerance guide, we

An avocado split in two halves

Avocado Allergy Guide

Last Updated: 10 Nov 2022

Avocados are a popular fruit used in salads, brunches, sandwiches and guacamole. They offer a range of health benefits, as they are high in fibre, healthy fat and nutrients. However, for some people, avocados trigger uncomfortable intolerance or allergy symptoms. Within this guide, we will discuss the difference between an avocado allergy and intolerance, including

An image of a bottle of milk tipped over.

Milk Allergy vs Lactose Intolerance: What’s the Difference

Last Updated: 21 Nov 2022

Milk is a common ingredient in our meals, especially curries and stews. However, consuming milk can be dangerous if one suffers from a milk allergy and bothersome if one suffers from lactose intolerance. Milk allergy and lactose intolerance are very common conditions, especially in infants. Approximately 2% to 3% of children below three years suffer

An image of common foods and drinks that could cause allergies.

The 14 Common Allergens

Last Updated: 21 Nov 2022

Food allergies occur when you consume allergen foods that your immune systems mistakes for harmful substances. Your body will then release chemicals such as histamines which cause inflammation and thus symptoms of allergy. It doesn’t matter the amount of food you consume with the allergen. You’ll still experience allergy symptoms within a few minutes to

An image of many chickpeas.

Chickpea Allergy Guide

Last Updated: 21 Nov 2022

Chickpeas, or Garbanzo beans, are dried seeds called pulses. Chickpeas belong to the legumes family and are an essential food source to Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines. It is also a common source of protein for those following vegetarian and plant-based diets. In the UK, chickpeas are primarily consumed in hummus and falafel as core

A child blowing his nose next to their dog.

Common Child Allergies & Intolerances

Last Updated: 21 Nov 2022

Food allergies are common in both children and adults, where around 5% of children under five suffer from food allergies. The prevalence of food allergies has been on the rise. From 1997 to 2007, food allergies in children under 18 years increased by 18%. Even though some children outgrow food allergies before their teen years,

An image of yeast.

Foods With Yeast to Avoid

Last Updated: 21 Nov 2022

Yeast is a type of fungus commonly used in food production. You can find yeast in popular foods and drinks like kombucha, bread, sweets, and most baked goods. Yeast is also naturally present in the body, but it’s a different species known as candida. When there’s an imbalance in the body, that’s when you’ll have

A women sneezing into a tissue.

The Most Common Allergies in the UK

Last Updated: 15 Jul 2022

When compared with the rest of the world, the UK has some of the highest allergy rates you’ll find. This is perhaps unsurprising, given our far-stretching beautiful countryside is home to a wealth of fauna and flora, and less than 1% of the UK has been built on. Which allergies, though, are the most common

An image of brownies on a plate.

Vegan Brownies Recipe

Last Updated: 02 Aug 2022

Enjoying brownies is something no one should be denied ever! I mean, all that chocolatey goodness in your mouth should make you drool. If you have a dairy intolerance or allergy, you also deserve to enjoy brownies just like everyone else, and that’s why we have drafted this simple vegan brownie recipe for you to

A women holding a tissue while tocuhing her nose.

Seasonal Allergies vs COVID-19

Last Updated: 28 Jul 2022

In the UK, every year thousands of people suffer from uncomfortable symptoms caused by a reaction to environmental allergens. Seasonal allergies, otherwise known as hay fever or allergic rhinitis, are a common part of many people’s lives, yet recent circumstances have brought about challenges not faced before. Following the outbreak of coronavirus, it is now

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