Maria Griffiths, Registered Nutrition Practitioner | Dip. ION FION MBANT NTCC CNHC | Senior Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine
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Maria Griffiths

Registered Nutrition Practitioner | Dip. ION FION MBANT NTCC CNHC | Senior Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine

Maria is a BANT registered nutritional practitioner who graduated from the Institute For Optimum Nutrition (ION) in 1998, became a Fellow of ION and went on to establish her busy Family Nutrition Clinic and she is listed internationally as a Biomedical Practitioner. Teacher, lecturer and speaker has opened many doors for her to share her knowledge with her audience on many health issues that can benefit from nutritional intervention, Her is mantra “Genetics is the gun, the Diet pulls the trigger”. Her passionate belief in the medicinal power of food has led her to research and develop successful protocols for Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Irritable Bowel Disease, infertility, female hormonal dysfunction, and in particular ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) an area in which she has had special training and which holds a particular interest for her.

This has opened up areas which has led her to working in children’s health in general. However, the main area within this category is in gut health which bring such delight and joy to both patient and parent when corrected.

She has designed a powerful weight loss programme that works not only on weight loss but promotes healthy eating not only to the patient, but to the whole family. Her work with infertility, another interest close to her heart has led her to write “Aspirin and Haemorrhagic disease of the New Born (HDN)” a Foresight publication, and she is the Technical Editor for “Detox for Dummies” a Wiley publication. Maria brings over 20 years of experience to a wide range of health issues with an individual tailored approach through Nutritional Therapy.

Maria's Posts:

Healthy Eating Tips for the New Year

Last Updated: 12 Dec 2022

New Year is a time to reflect on the year that’s passed, as well as consider personal changes you want to make in this upcoming year. For many individuals, wanting to take control of their health and diet is a common New Year resolution. According to Statista, 43% of UK adults’ resolution in 2022 was

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