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Coping with Allergies On Holiday

Last Updated: 12th January 2023 · Written by Donna Mastriani

Having an allergy flare-up while on a hard-earned holiday can really put a dampener on things. Also, there’s much to think about when you’re preparing to jet off abroad, like making sure your case isn’t too heavy for the baggage allowance or whether your passport is in date or not.

What often gets overlooked in all the commotion of preparing for a break is how any allergies you have are going to be managed whilst you’re away. This can be a real concern, particularly if you have a severe allergy. So, to allay any of your pre-holiday fears, we’ve written this article to give you a few pointers on avoiding any unnecessary and unpleasant reactions and one includes taking a Lifelab allergy test.

Avoiding Allergies on Holiday

Taking an allergy test is an extremely effective way of putting your finger right on exactly what triggers your body to react. There are millions of people that have allergies and just cope with them but aren’t 100% sure about what causes them. Having an allergy test can really change the landscape for someone who suffers from the adverse reactions caused by an allergy, by putting that person back in control. 

Do Your Preparation

Before you go to your destination of choice, the internet can be of great help to dealing with allergies. By researching the local area, its cuisine and its facilities, it is possible to paint a pretty accurate picture of what to expect when you get there. The hotel you’re staying at is another useful sounding board to use, to find out exactly what options you have.

Allergies are a problem for people all around the world, so the chances are, they’ll be able to give you some good advice on circumventing the problem during your stay.

Learn the Lingo

Ok, so we’re not suggesting that you try and learn the whole language of the country you’re visiting, rather, just some key phrases to help you in restaurants. Being able to converse with your waiter or whoever’s preparing your food will help you a) avoid unknowingly eating or drinking something that triggers a reaction and b) enjoy more choice when eating.

Don’t worry if you’re not great at languages, as most smartphones have travel apps to help you get around the problem….and there’s always Google Translate!

Ensure Everyone in Your Party Knows 

If you’re in a sizeable travelling party and you’ve not told everyone about the allergies you’ve discovered from taking an allergy test or any of the foods you’re not able to eat, you’re putting yourself at risk. You may not be involved in ordering everything you end up eating in a large group, so everyone must be told. Also, make everyone in the party aware of where you keep your allergy EpiPen if you have one- and how to use it – so that they know what to do and where to look, should the worst happen.

Make Sure Your Insurance Covers You

Not all travel insurance covers you for the medical treatment needed when something like anaphylaxis strikes, so checking the small print of your policy is a very good move. You don’t want to find out that it doesn’t cover you right at the point it’s needed the most.

If you would like to find out more about anything mentioned here or would like to order your own Home allergy test that checks you against dozens of potential allergens, you’ll find we have a range of four tests for you. There’s even a handy ‘live chat’ box for you to speak directly to one of our friendly Lifelab Testing experts about how an allergy test can free you from the misery that allergies can cause.

We thank you for reading our blog and if you’re about head off to warmer climates, we hope you enjoy your holiday.

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