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Cure These Symptoms With Food Intolerance Testing

Last Updated: 12th January 2023 · Written by Kate Young

With NHS waiting rooms across the country reaching capacity and GP appointment wait times extending into months, living with symptoms such as bloating, headaches, nausea and stomach pain starts to feel like the way things are going to be. Many people are living with these symptoms or any of several others which can prevent them from achieving their goals or even living a normal life. But it doesn’t have to be this way. What if we told you that food intolerance testing could be your solution?

Here we take a look at some symptoms which may stump doctors and could, in fact, be related to food intolerance.

Food Intolerance Bloating

woman holding her belly with both hands
Woman holding her belly with both hands

This symptom can have a significant number of knock-on effects. Have you ever felt inclined to get into the gym when your stomach feels full of air? Do you feel like seeing friends when all your clothes feel tighter because your belly is all swollen? Bloating occurs when food passing through the digestive tract irritates the system, this inflames the walls narrowing the passages meaning the food takes longer to get through. All the while enzymes are breaking down the food and producing gases which can’t escape due to the inflammation. This gas then sits in the stomach leading to that bloating feeling you’re experiencing. Food intolerance testing can help you identify the foods that may be causing irritation within your gut.

Can Food Intolerance Cause Headaches & Migraines

woman covering her face with both her hands
Woman covering her face with both her hands

Ranging from irritating to debilitating, headaches & migraines being caused by food isn’t something a lot of people are familiar with. Still, there is a growing connection between the foods you eat and suffering from pain of varying intensity in your head. When you have a headache it can make your work suffer, spending time with family is difficult and even bright lights can cause searing pain. Food intolerance testing can help you identify any foods that may cause you problems and, by performing an elimination diet, the removal of these foods can lead to an entirely new lifestyle.

Food Intolerance Diarrhoea & Vomiting

Diarrhoea, unfortunately, is a near unavoidable condition that everyone will experience at one point or another, same with vomiting. However, when diarrhoea and vomiting are becoming a frequent problem for you, its time to look at the food you’re putting into your system.

When you eat a food to which you’re intolerant, your brain receives a signal from your digestive system to let it know. In turn, your brain sends back a message to initiate the process to get that food out of your system as quickly as possible. This is either through vomiting or diarrhoea. Diarrhoea and vomiting can lead to electrolyte imbalance, dehydration, tooth decay and many more adverse conditions.

How Can Food Intolerance Testing Help?

Food intolerance testing is an essential tool to help save you from weeks spent waiting for doctors’ appointments or hours spent in A&E. This simple test will tell you what foods you may have an intolerance towards and how severe it is. We have food intolerance testing to suit all budgets, and you can find yours here today. You can also take our Find My Test quiz to find out what test would be best suited to your needs and symptoms.

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