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Did You Celebrate Dry January?

Last Updated: 29th January 2024 · Written by Donna Mastriani

Let’s face it. Most of us enjoy a nice drink in the evenings after a meal. Whether it’s a hard day at work or socialising with loved ones, enjoying a glass of wine or a nightcap is a great enjoyment. So, with that in mind, why would you consider Dry January? It sounds like a month of deprivation, right? In reality, Dry January can be a great way to connect to your body and enjoy a stronger sense of self. Plus, it can be just the motivation to order liver function testing to better understand your body’s needs. Are you curious to know more? Read on!

What is Dry January?

This popular month-long event is exactly what it sounds like. It’s committing to enjoying an alcohol-free month from January 1-31. And don’t worry if you’re interested in trying it out but are partially through the month – you can join the challenge anytime. It isn’t too late!

What are the benefits of Dry January?

One of the most exciting things about Dry January is that it has many benefits! Many are often surprised with just how many dry January advantages there are! Take a look at some of the best ones and see for yourself.

Improved sleep

Many people rely on alcohol to help them sleep, but the reality is that alcohol can create or worsen sleep issues! Going dry for January can help reset your body and mind, leading to better sleep. In fact, about 70% of participants in Dry January note that they have better sleep throughout the month!

Mental health benefits

For one reason or another, those with depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions often rely on alcohol as part of a treatment plan. Interestingly, going dry in January can improve mental health in the short and long term.

Saved money and time

Fact about dry January

Another genuine benefit after a stressful and expensive holiday season is that skipping out on alcohol can save money in a noticeable way. Approximately 86% of participants in Dry January reported saving money, even if they still went out and had a classic social life — just alcohol-free. Many save time, too, which can be a bonus for helping yourself start the new year off just right.

A rebounding body

Alcohol can put a lot of stress on our bodies, especially if we drink regularly, even in moderate amounts. After Dry January, many participants notice improved skin and hair health. Others notice weight loss to the point that clothes fit differently. When you combine that with a proactive approach to health through liver function testing, eating whole foods, and exercising, those benefits stretch even further!

There is even more data to support that. Physically, going alcohol-free can also lower blood pressure and glucose levels and reduce cholesterol. Then, there’s the impressive difference in liver fat content—more on that next.

The role of liver fat and liver health

Liver fat content has a lot to do with liver health in the long term. Short-term and long-term alcohol habits can cause fat build-up in the liver. Those participating in Dry January could experience up to 40% liver fat loss, which is terrific. A fatty liver can lead to fatty liver disease, which is often symptom-free.

A key part of understanding what’s going on with your liver is to consider liver function testing, especially if you drink regularly. Understanding where your liver health is at can help you contact a specialist and understand what changes you can make to better provide for your liver, it’s health, and your general overall well-being. Liver fat can be reversed by making short-term and long-term changes to your diet and drinking habits!

Your liver depends on you

Your liver is a vital organ, and it can be easily damaged without you knowing it. That’s why Dry January is a great celebration to consider when you want to take proactive steps to better your liver health.

Many people feel that they have to justify the reason they are participating in Dry January, but the reality is that you don’t need an excuse. Participating in this great challenge is not only just about reducing your alcohol consumption. It’s also an opportunity to meet new people, bond with those doing the challenge with you, and push yourself and your body to a newer, better form! Isn’t that reason enough?

Whether this is your first time hearing of Dry January, or you’ve just been waiting for an excuse to give it a try, why not commit today to the rest of January being alcohol-free? You might be surprised at how much it changes your life in tangible and intangible ways!

For other ways to improve your health, why not check out our testing options here?

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