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UK allergy hotspot MAPPED: Which city has the most allergies sufferers? Is it your city?

Last Updated: 10th November 2022 · Written by Kate Young

Allergies are when the body experiences a harmful reaction to something that would not usually be considered harmful. Common allergens include fish, nuts, wheat and pollen. Do you have an allergy?

A pollen allergy is often known as hay fever. Sometimes, the body will react to either food, animals including dogs and cats, and pollen.

Which cities are the most common?

Allergies are extremely common and affect more than one in four people in the UK. Which city has the highest amount of people suffering from allergies?

A nationwide study reported in the Daily Express identified that the allergy capital of the UK is Liverpool, with a whopping four in five of the North West city’s residents claiming to suffer from some sort of animal, food or pollen allergy. The national average is considered to be around 60 per cent! Wow!

Interesting facts about pollen allergy

The report itself found that Norwich was at number two on the cities of people suffering from allergies. Apparently, 72 per cent of those living there suffer from an allergy, whilst Plymouth came in at number three. Do you live in any of these cities? If so, an allergy test could certainly be what you need!


As listed in the Daily Express

  • Liverpool (80 per cent)
  • Norwich (72 per cent)
  • Plymouth (71 per cent)
  • Sheffield (70 per cent)
  • Oxford (67 per cent)
  • London (66 per cent)
  • Birmingham (63 per cent)
  • Cardiff (61 per cent)
  • Leeds (60 per cent)
  • Bristol (59 per cent)

The study adds to the evidence that the UK is in the throes of an allergy epidemic. Allergies and intolerances are on the rise and without spreading awareness, people will not be able to manage their symptoms. Identifying what symptoms are being caused is a key factor in coping with allergies.

What are the top symptoms of allergies?

When it comes to symptoms of allergies, the Express report that the number of people suffering from these symptoms was this: Sneezing (66 per cent), runny nose (60 per cent) and watering eyes (56 per cent) were the most prevalent problems.

Two-thirds say they don’t get enough sympathy and 90 per cent believe there should be more research into the science of the problem. Allergy UK reports that more than 44 per cent of the UK now suffers from an allergy.

Allergy testing and how it can help you with hay fever in the summer

Symptoms of hay fever include:

  • sneezing and coughing
  • a runny or blocked nose
  • itchy, red or watery eyes
  • itchy throat, mouth, nose and ears
  • loss of smell
  • pain around your temples and forehead
  • headache
  • earache
  • feeling tired

You should look out for these symptoms and if you are suffering from any of these, there could be something underlying at play which you will need to get checked out.

According to the NHS, hay fever will last for weeks or months, particularly when the pollen levels are incredibly high.

If you are not sure what could be causing your symptoms, Lifelab Testing can definitely help.

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