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Ensuring you will succeed with your elimination diet

Last Updated: 10th November 2022 · Written by Donna Mastriani

If you are only just starting out on your elimination diet after you have discovered that you have a range of intolerances and allergies, then you might find that the start is quite tough. On Day two, it starts to feel real! So we thought we should share some top secrets on how you can make the most of your food intolerance discoveries. Allergy testing and intolerance testing can be tough, but it can also be extremely beneficial, make sure you find out how below:

1) Find the support you need after intolerance testing

Make sure you get a good support group around you, and lean on them for support and advice if you feel yourself slipping. Similar to if you were doing a juice cleanse, an elimination diet requires a lot of willpower. After your intolerance testing, a support network is a MUST have.

2) Preparation is Key

You MUST prepare for your elimination diet. If you do need to eliminate certain foods because of your symptoms, then you can clear the cupboards beforehand. That means if you have an item that you are intolerant to, then you can remove it from your kitchen and you won’t be tempted to tuck into any foods. Intolerance testing will help you to feel much better and revolutionise your diet!

3) Track your foods

Write it down. This means writing down each individual food that you are eating and tracking your symptoms. A tracking food diary is so important as you can monitor your symptoms, and this is how intolerance testing can help you.

4) The removal of your foods

Whenever you have your results delivered to you, you learn which foods you need to remove from your diet. If you follow these steps, then this will only make it easier for you to avoid any stressful symptoms.

For more information on intolerance testing, please log on to and see what test would be right for you. It could be that you need an allergy test!

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