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GB Bobsleigher Greg Cackett

Last Updated: 3rd February 2023 · Written by Donna Mastriani

Greg Cackett, Olympic Medal Winning Bobsleigher, wanted to take a Lifelab Testing kit to get a deeper understanding of his nutrition to optimise his training. He discovered Lifelab Testing on Instagram and realised this was the next step into improving his sports performance by finally understanding the different foods his body does and doesn’t like.

He opted for a Complete Intolerance Test after realising his symptoms leaned towards a food intolerance rather than a food allergy using the information available on the Lifelab Testing website. The Complete Intolerance Test tests for 160 key food and drink intolerance items.

Greg said “it was a really easy process” and within a couple of days his blood was tested in our in-house laboratory and his results were placed straight into his online ‘My Lifelab’ account. His results revealed to him that he “wasn’t intolerant to much which was reassuring!”

Working toward the next season of training, Lifelab Testing has helped Greg to have “peace of mind” with his nutrition and he went on to say that he now knows he is “doing all the right things to maximise my training.” To see more of Greg Cackett’s experience with Lifelab testing, click here.

Most athletes are constantly seeking that 1% improvement daily and Lifelab Testing can help you to discover this whether you are a professional athlete or simply a fitness fanatic. From as little as £74.99, you can complete a simple blood testing kit that will allow you to discover your allergies and intolerances and maximise your training. 

Click here to find out more information about whether you have a dairy allergy or a dairy intolerance.

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