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How Intolerance Testing Positively Impacts Your Diet

Last Updated: 12th January 2023 · Written by Donna Mastriani

We all want to lead a healthy and happy life and are primarily responsible for our own health (except for that which we can’t control like the spread of diseases). A major factor in how healthy we are is our diet. One of the biggest challenges with a healthy diet is working around what responds badly to and tailoring towards foods that your body uses optimally. An effective starting point for this is intolerance testing.

How can intolerance testing impact my health?

Finding out that you have a food intolerance might make you feel as though your whole lifestyle and relationship with food has to change. You’ll indeed be best to make some changes, but they don’t have to be changes for the worse. You may even find that working with your body instead of against proves to be more liberating than restricting. 

You learn what your “healthy” is: Each of us will have a different version of healthy, as it relates to how our body responds to certain foods, as well as keeping ourselves nourished and free from disease. Most of us would consider two scoops of ice cream for dessert to be healthier than a giant chocolate brownie (complete with a drizzling of chocolate sauce) bur if you happen to be intolerant to lactose or dairy, the latter may cause you less misery (though it’s certainly not the best option). The same could be said for choosing whole-grain toast for breakfast- ideal for some, but certainly not for coeliacs’ or those who are wheat intolerant.

  • Understanding helps you become healthier: If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you get there? Using your body as a guide, listening to what it’s telling you and which foods it’s finding trouble with can help you become healthier overall, as you’ll be able to mediate what were once mysterious symptoms. The less trouble you give your body, the more it can work on keeping you at optimal health, instead of fending against trigger foods. 
  • You can enjoy your meals again: Another solid impact intolerance testing can have on your health is that you can get back to enjoying food again. Once you know where the problem is, you’re free to experiment with new recipes and meals (without those ingredients that were responsible for your symptoms) and enjoy the freedom of eating quality food again. This all equates to a happy and healthy body.

How your Diet is impacted by Food Intolerances

A common misconception is that having a food intolerance flips your diet upside down, in a bad way, but this isn’t the case. In fact, your diet can become far more varied once you understand what foods you’re intolerant to. You can use this new insight to enjoy a diverse, delicious and healthy diet in a way that you just weren’t able to before the food intolerance results.

When you understand what your body needs to take care of itself, you are equipping yourself to enjoy a healthy and happy life, one meal at a time. Food intolerance testing is often the key to unlocking a healthy diet, and it can be yours within the week. Are you ready to unlock a healthy future?

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