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Rapidly Improve Your Sleep and Healing with This One Trick

Sleep problems are more common than ever, and while we all know a few tips and tricks to help us nod off, many of us still struggle with getting that quality shut-eye we all need to thrive. This isn’t just something we can put up with, though, sleep deprivation affects every single aspect of our lives and can seriously damage one’s health. So, what can we do about it? Well, the answer to higher quality, deep sleep may well be in ‘grounding’.

Mother earth’s disease repellent

We’ll get into the sleeping benefits of grounding in a second, but first, we need to have a little chemistry lesson. The Earth’s surface is covered in negatively charged electrons. While our bodies tend to produce a positive charge. If we don’t get a consistent stream of negative electrons (which can be done via grounding), then an excess of positive charge will develop and cause a build-up of free radicals.

You may have heard of free radicals. They can be nasty little things when there’s too many of them, as they can drastically increase the risk of inflammatory-related disease. This is because the increase in free radicals then causes a rise in oxidative stress, which in turn can damage the DNA. Not good. DNA tends to get damaged over time, which is why they are more prone to disease in old age but accelerating that damage will exacerbate things and cause all kinds of health problems prematurely.

What on Earth is grounding?

Grounding (or, earthing) can be summed up as the simple act of being in direct contact (i.e. skin) with the Earth. The point of doing so is to allow your body to absorb those negatively charged electrons that the Earth’s surface is so abundant in. Absorbing these electrons helps prevent the cascade of harmful events that would happen if the body’s charge wasn’t neutralised.

Several studies have shown the benefit that grounding for as little as one hour can have on inflammatory factors [1, 2, 3]. Research also indicates that the act of grounding can significantly increase blood flow to the head and torso, which may benefit skin repair, overall health and vitality [2].

How can earthing improve my sleep then?

Most of us struggle to sleep due to our circadian rhythm being manipulated by modern technology, our always-on culture and stress. The good news is that grounding can help reverse that damage and help our bodies get back to a properly regulated sleep cycle.

Research indicates that grounding during sleep can reduce cortisol levels and even resynchronise secretion of this hormone with our natural 24-hour circadian rhythm. The same study also saw grounding help to reduce both pain and stress [4].

Grounding without sleeping on the floor

Now, I know what you’re thinking – this is all great, but I don’t’ think sleeping on the floor is going to help me suddenly reclaim my sleepless nights. Correct. The vast majority of us probably wouldn’t benefit from sleeping in the garden. But there is another way to simulate grounding without ever touching Earth. Earthing sheets.

Earthing sheets draw in negatively charged electrons that your body can then absorb while you sleep. They use highly conductive materials like as pure silver and copper, combined with innovative technology that helps transfer free electrons straight from the Earth to you, so you can stay grounded while you sleep. Instead of sleeping on the floor, you can enjoy all the benefits of earthing in the comfort of your own bed.

Earthing sheets and grounding

Nature’s most powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory turns out to be the simple act of grounding. But the body needs regular ‘sessions’ of grounding for the benefits to take effect. That’s why staying grounded throughout each night can be so impactful. If you’ve tried everything else to improve your sleep and feel well-rested come the morning, earthing sheets might be the key to better rest. Not only that, but you’ll be able to improve your health, reduce oxidative stress and fight back against the epidemic of inflammatory diseases. Maximise your R & R time with an earthing sheet and end your sleep-deprived fatigue.


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