Is a Food Intolerance Making You Tired?

Last Updated: 15th April 2024 · Written by Donna Mastriani

With people having to work long hours, life can really leave you drained by the end of the week. Obviously, this is something that can usually be remedied with a few days of relaxation and time off. However, if this fatigue just won’t seem to shift, no matter how early you go to bed, this is going to raise questions relating to what else could be causing it. If you are feeling drowsy after eating certain foods, you have to ask yourself – Is a Food Intolerance Making You Tired?

The Value of an Intolerance Test

If you are experiencing fatigue as a result of a problem your body is having with processing a particular type of food, then an intolerance test can be invaluable. The reason why is that it pinpoints exactly where your issues lie and allows you to take steps to avoid that particular food. An intolerance test can provide you with the information you need to take back control of your life.

So, let’s take a look at some of the food groups that are most commonly associated with causing fatigue.


Whilst wheat can be hugely satisfying to eat, it is known to be addictive and to those with an intolerance, it can cause real physical and emotional problems. Within this food group, is gluten, which is usually (but not always) the root cause of wheat intolerance and can cause acute fatigue to the sufferer, particularly if the person isn’t aware of the problem. This is especially the case when discussing conditions like coeliac disease, which is a severe type of wheat intolerance.


Whilst cheese, milk and butter are foods that offer much in the way of nutrition, those with sensitivities to dairy find that the adverse symptoms that they cause, outweigh the goodness that they provide. When a person has an intolerance to dairy, the most common cause is either lactose intolerance or a casein allergy and when a sufferer ingests dairy, the gut can become inflamed, causing headaches, bloating, fatigue and all manner of adverse effects. The stress that this causes to the body, results in fatigue that just won’t go away.

Nightshade Fruit & Veg

Another food group that can cause intolerance related fatigue are the fruits and vegetables from the Nightshade family. Included within this group are peppers, tomatoes and even potatoes, which are obviously quite popular and with the concept and importance of an intolerance test still not being as widely known as we would like, many suffer their whole lives with the fatigue it causes, completely unaware that they could have done something about it.

Affordable, Quick and Painless

At Lifelab testing, we offer intolerance test services for as little as £97. When you opt for a test, you receive a detailed scientific report of your own unique physiology, as your blood is screened against 40 key food intolerances. Send us just a small blood sample and within just a few days, you’ll know exactly what your body has a problem with. Simple, easy and fast!

Fatigue can really hold you back in both your personal life and career, so being able to circumvent the issue with a targeted intolerance test can put the control firmly back in your own hands. For more information about our full range of testing services, take a look through our website where you’ll find everything you need to know. 

If after looking through all the info you need further advice, you can talk to one of our friendly experts either by calling 01332 32 18 92 or via the LiveChat facility on our site.

Get tested now and free yourself from the misery of food intolerance fatigue.

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