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Autumn has arrived, and it’s bringing a whole load of new allergies with it

Last Updated: 12th January 2023 · Written by Donna Mastriani

YESSSS, summer is over! This means no more hay fever symptoms, right?! Well, now Autumn is here and the blooms of summer have disappeared, but new allergies are on the way! Ever heard of a mould allergy? Read on to find out more…

What seasonal allergies appear in Autumn?

Well, let’s start with mould. Mould appears because as individuals we are naturally driven inside thanks to the colder weather… You’ll probably find yourself sneezing inside, and it won’t be because of hay fever. Spending more time inside means there is a chance that the mould spores will build up. The best way to deal with it? We know it can be laborious, but if you have a mould allergy then you need to be consistent with your cleaning. Wiping down the windows and cleaning the skirting boards is a must.

Dust builds up

It can also very get dusty inside and you’ll have to be just as thorough with your cleaning skills. Again, the skirting boards need to be wiped, the sofas and the beds need to be whipped into shape, and almost everything needs to be given a wash. Whilst dust is often common during the hot summers, it can then get stirred into the air as soon as you turn the heaters on. Lamps and lampshades also need to be cleaned, as they may not have been used in a while.

What symptoms do I need to be looking out for?

You need to be looking out for the standard allergy symptoms, but they are caused by different items. As mentioned, mould allergy and dust mites are the likely cause. They will cause you to suffer from symptoms like a runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, coughing, dark circles under the eyes and even itchy eyes and a runny nose!

How can allergy testing help?

When Autumn comes around and the seasons begin to change, allergy testing has been more important. A mould allergy can be potentially diagnosed by checking out Lifelab Testing’s Complete Body Test. Within your detailed report, we’ll be able to tell you where to look to avoid your allergies, and what other items you should be avoiding.

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