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We are here for you and your clients. Guidance, support and extra revenue for you, whilst your clients get the very best in customer service with accurate and reliable testing

How it works

With our free support and guidance you just select the most suitable test for you client.

You then you have the option to work closely with them during the process or you can simply pass
on your coupon code to enable them to go home and order the test themselves.

Naturally, the more involved you are the higher your earnings. Equally, we know some of you are too
busy and therefore we have in place full support for your client.

With your clients’ agreement you can view the online dashboard to see their test results and guide
them further on their journey.

We leave the decision making up to you. You are in control of the next stage.

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By becoming a partner you can:

  • Add an additional revenue stream to your business, earning as you go. We pay directly into your account
  • Become one of our recommended practitioner partners (depending upon certifications, insurance and business set-up)
  • Gain access to nutritional support for your client through our in-house BANT-registered nutrition team, should you require it
  • Benefit from our ‘exclusive to partners’ test range
  • Be rewarded for referring other partners with extra revenue or money off tests.

Our divisions

We recognise that testing can be used across different sectors. Whilst we all have the common goal of giving our clients the best possible service and optimising their health and performance, we may differ in our knowledge base and work in slightly different ways. Our divisions are set up to respond to the differing needs of our affiliate partners.

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lifelab testing
Fitness Professionals and Coaches

Whether recreational or elite, every athlete wants to get the utmost from their body. Allergies and intolerances can be a limiting factor for clients; affecting their ability to sustain training, recover effectively or reduce their peak physical fitness. Identification is the first step towards preventing any negative effect on performance.

lifelab testing
Nutrition Professionals

Clients seek out advice from nutrition professionals for a wide range of health complaints. Identifying your clients' allergies and intolerances can help reduce uncomfortable and debilitating physical symptoms, optimise digestion and absorption and promote health and wellbeing.

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