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“Eating that meal that could kill you” – Wow!

The Guardian has released an article stating that people with severe food allergies can feel like a game of Russian Roulette. This is particularly relevant if you have not had food allergy testing and do not know what you should be looking out for. Check out this eye-opening story and find out whether or not you should be considering allergy testing

Coping with egg allergy or intolerance

UK allergy hotspot mapped: Do you live in one of these cities?

Allergies are extremely common and affect over a quarter of people in the UK. But which city has the highest amount of people suffering from allergies? Do you live in one of them? The Express have done some research which could definitely help you. Find out if you live one of the cities most susceptible allergies here?

Map of United Kingdom. Liverpool is the city of allergies

Hay Fever warning for millions as pollen count hits ‘very high’

SUMMER IS HERE: It’s bad news for hay fever sufferers for the rest of the month, with a huge pollen count set to soar following the weekend’s heatwave.

The Met Office has issued warnings for “very high” pollen levels across England, reaching as far as Middlesborough. Do you know if you suffer from hay fever? If you don’t, allergy testing can help you

hay fever count set to reach record levels - it could be time to try allergy testing

University Graduate launches allergy magazine

Daniel Kelly, a Huddersfield University graduate has launched a magazine boosting awareness of allergies called ‘May Contain

This comes after a flight back from Miami when he asked the cabin crew to announce my allergy to the cabin before take-off, which they rudely refused. By refusing to do an announcement about his allergy, they put him in extreme danger on their flight.

Do you agree allergies should be announced pre-flight? Let us know in the comments below. Discover your allergies and intolerances here

Allergy testing awareness - Travelling with allergies on a flight


Check out the latest news and info about allergy testing within the UK!

More than half of allergy sufferers have had their lives put at risk by contaminated food from restaurants and takeaways, a survey of 1,000 people suggests. Some 58% of those who took part in the poll say they’ve had a reaction after eating food that staff had assured them was safe to eat. Do you feel this is the case? Are you worried about eating out? If you think you need intolerance or allergy testing, then visit here today to order your simple at-home test kit.

Allergy testing when eating

Blotchy skin is a symptom of allergies

Hmmmm, When small red patches appeared on her skin two years ago, Miss Campbell thought it must have been caused by her washing detergent. But over time, the patches worsened and became more recurrent, developing into large ring-shaped welts that are burning and itchy… Have you ever seen anything like this? It’s shocking and is exactly why we believe allergy testing is so important. Want to discover your allergies and intolerances? Buy a test today with our amazing SALE ON!

Allergy testing can stop allergic reactions

Allergy awareness at the forefront of Pret’s 2019

After a disastrous 2018, Pret has emerged as a pioneer in allergy awareness having just begun a national rollout of full ingredient labelling. Crucially, Pret isn’t trying to adopt a precautionary ‘may contain’ approach – a move that would simply reduce choice for people suffering from serious food allergies in the UK. Instead, it’s taking steps to ensure more people can enjoy its food without worry – such as by removing unnecessary allergens and providing tablets that allow customers to search the menu for the food they can eat. Discover your hidden allergies here with allergy testing.

Allergy testing and Lifelab sandwich

What you need to know about allergy testing and intolerances

Did you know?… Intolerances are usually less serious but more common than allergies. However, both intolerance and allergy testing is important. Check out Lifelab Testing for more facts and information about intolerances and allergy testing. Our Basic Intolerance Test would be perfect for you if the recent rise in intolerances has seen you believe you may have a food intolerance.