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Private Allergy Testing Near Me

Last Updated: 10th November 2022 · Written by Donna Mastriani

Did you know the number of people with food allergies in the UK is increasing? If you think you could be among them, getting an allergy test is the best way to find the allergen responsible.

Although the NHS does offer allergy tests, it can be difficult to get one unless your symptoms are severe. Faced with endless referrals and long waitlists, many people resort to private allergy testing. But the good news is there is another alternative – home allergy testing kits.

In this blog post, we’ll explain the top reasons why a home allergy kit may be a better option for you than private allergy testing.

They’re Non-Location Based

Unlike in-person procedures such as skin prick testing, home allergy kits enable you to take a test without having to travel to a doctor’s surgery or clinic. This makes it much easier to fit around your daily life. Simply take your blood sample, package it securely, and send it back through the post.   

At Lifelab Testing, we accept samples from all over the world. You’re able to take your sample when it suits you, without having to stick to a fixed appointment time. We  also offer priority tracking for both our basic allergy test and complete body test, making it easy to check that your sample has arrived safely at our laboratory.

Receive A Free Consultation

As part of our home allergy testing service, we offer a free 30-minute consultation with a professional nutritional therapist. Your therapist will help you to understand the implications of your results, including any dietary changes you should be making.

This appointment means you’re guaranteed one-to-one support after receiving the outcome of your allergy test.

They Can Be Cheaper

It’s no secret that private healthcare can be incredibly expensive. If you’re struggling to get an allergy test on the NHS but don’t want to pay for one privately, a home allergy kit can be a cost-effective solution.

At Lifelab Testing, we offer free delivery, pre-paid postage, and a free consultation. That means all you’re paying for is the cost of the test itself.  

Order Your Allergy Test Today

Home allergy kits can be a great alternative to private testing – as long as you choose the right one. At Lifelab Testing, we use only scientifically-proven methods of testing. Unlike hair testing, our in-vitro testing system known as ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) provides fast, accurate, and comprehensive results every time. Ready to get some answers? Visit our online shop to order your home test kit today.

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