Home Vitamin D Test

25-hydroxy Vitamin D Rapid Test

The Home Vitamin D Test gives you a rapid indicator of the levels of Vitamin D in your blood to ensure optimum health and wellness.

• Easy to use home indicator test.
 Sample collection kit delivered free within 1-3 days.
24 hours, 7-day customer care support.
• Results within minutes.
Can be used as a first step health indicator.

Only £20 when purchased with any Lifelab Test.


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The at-home Vitamin D test provides you with a fast indicator of vitamin d levels in a small blood sample.

This test is designed to identify Normal, Insufficient or Deficient Vitamin D levels enabling you to assess if you are in optimum health or if you require further investigation with a medical practitioner.  Vitamin D deficiency is associated with recovery of many diseases including cancer, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune diseases, diabetes and depression. Monitoring your vitamin D levels as a key marker and to determine to take supplements can be an important part of a health regime especially with vitamin D being linked to fighting Covid-19.


Testing kits are easy to use and provided with step-by-step guide allowing you to carry out the test on yourself or your family in the comfort of your own home with results being displaying fast.

How it works:

Simply follow the instructions provided to use the testing kit taking a small sample of your blood (finger prick) and analysing it in the cassette provided. Results take 20 minutes.

Customer care:

You will be supported by the customer service team available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with any questions you may have, and we have a nutritionally trained team to ensure you’re completely satisfied.

25-hydroxy Vitamin D

The main storage form of vitamin D in the human body. The current status of vitamin D levels can be determined by detecting the content of 25-hydroxy Vitamin D.

A level less than 30ng/mL indicates Vitamin D Deficiency or Insufficiency.

The test provides results based on Normal, Insufficient or Deficient. Both Deficient and Insufficient results can then be used to request a secondary test or consult further medical advice.

The Home Vitamin D Test kit includes:

  • 1x Test cassette
  • 1x Single-use buffer
  • 1x Sterile lancet
  • 1x Instructions
  • 1x Alcohol pad
  • 1x Capillary dropper
  • 1x Colour card

£5 Discount when you Purchase a Vitamin D test with any other test.

Get a fast and effective indicator of your Vitamin D levels at home. These tests perfectly complement our allergy and intolerance testing to ensure you are at optimum health and help with future diagnosis of health and wellness issues.

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