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Personal DNA Lab Test

The MyDNA home-to-lab test helps you to identify what is causing you to gain weight, what kind of exercise is best for you and how your body reacts to caffeine.

• Easy to use home DNA Sample kit.
Sample collection kit delivered free within 1-3 days.
 Personalised online DNA analysis.
Comprehensive Fitness, Nutrition and Caffeine Report.
 Can be used to understand your body better.

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MyDNA Testing helps you to identify what is causing you to gain weight, what kind of exercise is best for you and how your body reacts to caffeine.

Your DNA could unlock the secrets to your optimum diet and exercise routine as part of a healthy living plan. This kit is perfect when combined with any Lifelab test for the special price of only £59.

What do you get with MyDNA?

Personalised Nutrition Report: With this report, you can discover the ideal diet type for your particular body. Revolutionising your diet will allow you to eat healthier and allow for better weight management. From reducing meat to increasing carbs, this test can help you.

Personalised Fitness Report: Find out whether or not you are built for power or endurance and which training would suit you better with your diet.

Personalised Caffeine Report: Some people think they need caffeine to set them up for their day, however, others can get jittery after just one cup. Find out if caffeine affects you negatively or positively.

About MyDNA

After taking a test, you will receive a personalised report which will give you an outline of what diet you need to follow to get the best out of your body. If you are looking to either lose weight or maintain weight, then this report will guide you on which diet you should follow.

Your kit, containing a DNA swab and a registration code, is posted out to you immediately. Plus, we will include a prepaid envelope that will allow you to send us your sample free of charge. Remember to activate your unique registration code or we will be unable to attribute your results to your test.

Genes can affect someone’s weight management, leading people to gain excessive weight despite eating sensibly. Ordering a myDNA test means you will be able to carefully follow your diet, and in return, you will manage your weight more easily.

Your results are generated into an easy-to-understand report which is divided into three sections: A Nutrition Report, a Personalised Fitness Report, and a Caffeine report. This includes a comprehensive and detailed explanation of what items may be causing you to gain weight and what items are preventing you from putting on weight. There is no further payment required once you have received your results.

The Nutrition Report tests seven genes and analyses which foods could be causing you to gain weight or experience other symptoms. Upon receipt of your results, you are provided with a diet type that we recommend you follow.

To gain maximum understanding of your health, the DNA reports provide advice on what you should be eating and what you should not be. Testing your genes can provide you with a clear idea of what your diet should be going forward and what exercise you should be consuming.

FTO Gene (Fat mass and Obesity-associated protein)

This gene controls your body size, your fat storage and your obesity.

MTIF3 Gene (Mitochondrial Translational Initiation Factor-3)

How quickly do you regain weight after dieting? This will tell you.

PPARG Gene (Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor)

Used to facilitate the fat storage process for future energy use… or weight gain.

ADIPOQ Gene (Adiponectin)

Used to control your energy levels and burn fat. Understanding this gene is the hidden key to weight loss.

APOA5 Gene (Triglyceride levels)

This contributes to the regulation of triglyceride levels in the blood.

LIPC Gene (Cholesterol and triglycerides level)

This is involved in the way your body processes and breaks down dietary fats.

FADS1 Gene (Fatty acids processing)

This is specifically involved in the processing and production of unsaturated omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid types.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a DNA Ancestry test, it will not help you to find out your ancestry. It will help you to evaluate the perfect diet and fitness plan for you. Testing is performed by myDNA at their state of the art DNA laboratories.

The My DNA Fitness, Nutrition and Caffeine Test kit includes:

  • 1x DNA Sample Kit
  • 1x Comprehensive Fitness, Nutrition and Caffeine Report
  • 1x DNA Swab
  • 1x Full instructions
  • 1x Unique Registration Code
  • 1x Freepost Envelope

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Get the 360-view and take out the guess-work. MyDNA tests perfectly complement our allergy and intolerance testing. With nutrition, caffeine and fitness testing coupling intolerance and allergy testing, you’ll have a fully complete understanding of your body’s health.