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We are the UK's highest rated Allergy Testing Company* and our range of tests can help you discover food and environmental items that may be causing you unwanted symptoms.

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My DNA Fitness Test

7 Items Tested with a DNA Swab sample

  • Home to lab DNA swab test of fitness, nutrition and caffeine.
  • Save £30 off when purchased with any Lifelab test.
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Home Liver Function Test

10 Items Tested with a urine sample

  • At home urine sample test of 10 key health biomarkers.
  • Save £5 off when purchased with any Lifelab test
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Home Vitamin D Test

Vitamin D tested with a small blood prick

  • At home blood sample rapid indicator of vitamin D levels.
  • Save £5 off when purchased with any Lifelab test
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30 Day Follow Up
All of our tests are accompanied by a 30-day follow up series, via email, to help you with positive changes to your diet.
Our blood tests use scientifically validated and globally recognised methods to reliably analyse your blood sample.
Food Diary
All tests include a complete food diary to help you track your daily diet and any reactions you may have.
Nutritional Therapist
Our tests include sessions with a qualified nutritional therapist, to help you make the most out of your results.

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