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About our Nutritional Therapy

Taking charge of your health starts with speaking to the right people, and at Lifelab Testing, we work with some of the best.

Our team of Nutritional Therapists are available to look at your results to help you understand them, and to create a bespoke diet plan specific to your needs.

These 30-minute sessions are all yours to use as you want, and discuss what you need. Our Complete Intolerance and Complete Body tests have 1 30-minute session free per test, and our Basic Allergy and Basic Intolerance test can be upgraded by purchasing a nutritional therapist session.

To get the Nutritional Therapist right for you, please read through the profiles for Lorraine, Maria and Jonny below, and then choose the slot which works for you in their calendar. Once it’s booked in, they therapist will reach out to you at that time, so make sure you’re near your phone.

Lorraine Humphrey

Lorraine Humphrey is a registered Nutritional Therapist.  She is passionate about working with people to enhance their health and wellbeing through nutrition and lifestyle coaching, and offering nutritional therapy consultations which are personalized, focused and evidence based.

Lorraine became interested in the area of nutrition about 10 years ago and upon realising that she was just scraping the surface with this vast subject, she joined the Institute of Optimum Nutrition, where she studied for three years and graduated in January 2017. She loves getting to the root cause of her clients’ issues, looking at the biochemistry and developing targeted programmes. She finds it extremely rewarding to enable positive change in someone’s life.

Maria Griffiths

Registered Nutrition Practitioner
Senior Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine

Maria is a BANT registered nutritional practitioner who graduated from the Institute For Optimum Nutrition (ION) in 1998, became a Fellow of ION and went on to establish her busy Family Nutrition Clinic and she is listed internationally as a Biomedical Practitioner.

Her mantra is “Genetics is the gun, the Diet pulls the trigger”. Her passionate belief in the medicinal power of food has led her to research and develop successful protocols for Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Irritable Bowel Disease, infertility, female hormonal dysfunction, and in particular ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) an area in which she has had special training and which holds a particular interest for her.

She has designed a powerful weight loss programme that works not only on weight loss but promotes healthy eating not only to the patient, but to the whole family. Maria brings over 20 years of experience to a wide range of health issues with an individual tailored approach through Nutritional Therapy.

Jonathan Carter

Jonathan (or Johnny as he prefers) is a fully qualified BANT/CNHC registered Nutritional Therapist.

His specialist areas are digestion, helping individuals with issues which include acid reflux, bloating, gas, IBS etc. He is extremely passionate about both these areas of Nutritional Therapy due to his own past struggles with his health and this leads to his very empathetic nature, when helping people with similar problems.

You can expect an empathetic and warm approach from a consultation with him. He also treats everyone as an individual and certainly doesn’t believe in ‘a one size fits all approach’. He has a grounded approach to nutrition and often work with very busy people and therefore can help individuals with the most hectic of lifestyles, improve their nutrition and health.

(Johnathon is currently on training and therefore won’t be accepting any bookings at this moment in time)

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