Survival of the Fittest star Georgia Cole's bloating battle

Survival of the Fittest star, Georgia Cole’s bloating battle

Last Updated: 29th December 2022 · Written by Donna Mastriani

Like an estimated 86% of the UK female population, Georgia Cole, 25 has been suffering with painful stomach bloating and extreme stomach cramps and she couldn’t get to the bottom of why it was happening to her. Georgia starred in ITV’s latest hit Survival of the Fittest which pit a team of girls against boys in various challenges to see who came out on top, but Georgia kept her reoccurring pain a secret as she battled through week on week.

‘I was losing hope, thinking that this was what I would have to put up with for life’

– Georgia Cole

Georgia went to the hospital 3 times to try to stop her bloating but wasn’t given any answers, ‘I was losing hope, thinking that this was what I would have to put up with for life’. Luckily, she found the Lifelab Testing website which gave her information on how her stomach bloating and cramps could be being caused by reactions to foods that she has allergies or intolerances to.

After reading about the four tests, Georgia chose the Lifelab Testing Complete Body test which tests for 40 of the most common allergens, and 80 of the most common foods she could be intolerant to, which includes fruits, vegetables, dairy and gluten. The test kit was sent to her door only a few days later, and she began the process to getting healthy.

Making sure to pose for a quick photo, Georgia opened the kit and took a small blood sample using the easy to understand instructions and filled out a short registration at before putting the kit in the post with the freepost returns envelope.

And her results are in…

Once the blood sample arrived at the testing centre, our qualified and experienced specialists began preparing her results. These were then uploaded into Georgia’s ‘My Lifelab’ area for her to download and read when she was ready. The report contains a full introduction to her results, before providing colour-coded results to help Georgia understand her body.

Georgia read through her results and noticed that she had food sensitivities to lactose and gluten, which she feels explains a lot of her stomach bloating pain. She got in touch with the LiveChat team to arrange a one-to-one consultation with our qualified nutritionists which helped her to create an elimination diet and she is already feeling better, without any painful stomach bloating or extreme stomach cramps.

If you’re suffering from regular pain without any sign of what’s causing it, it could be an undiagnosed food allergy or intolerance. Find out now with an easy to understand Lifelab Testing kit delivered to your door.

Click here if you need information and advice on keeping your kids safe from food allergies as they return to school.

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