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Lifelab Testing – Allergy Awareness Award

Championing allergy awareness in your community!

The entire Lifelab Testing team are so so proud of what we do in helping thousands of people across the UK to discover their allergies and intolerances. This makes a huge difference to people in their day-to-day lives, although it’s no secret that the hard work really begins following the discovery of offending food items as you work out how to remove these from your diet.

Learning that you can’t eat a certain food because of a food allergy or intolerance can be a scary and stressful time, but we’re incredibly lucky to have an amazing community in the free-from world which goes above and beyond to ensure that those who suffer from these limitations aren’t isolated and don’t feel like an afterthought.

As part of our commitment to the free-from community we’re delighted to announce the Allergy Awareness Award, starting from April 2019 (During Allergy Awareness Week) we’ll be reaching out to any business or individual that has made a conscious effort to go the extra mile and cater for those with allergies and/or intolerances.

Lifelab Testing Allergy awareness week

It’s not just ourselves who pick and choose who receives the Allergy Awareness accolade! If you believe your business deserves recognition then get in touch today. Perhaps you know someone else who deserves the award? Let us know!
Head over to the Allergy Awareness page on our website! We’re always on the lookout to champion those who deserve recognition.

In order to be a recipient of this award any of the following criteria should be met:

  • Go the extra mile to cater to those who suffer from food allergies and/or intolerances.
  • Helped provide its consumers with confidence when eating at food establishments, whether that be their own place or in general.
  • Have a positive influence on the lives of people who are suffering from food allergies and intolerances, by providing the wider community with education and awareness.
  • Make a conscious effort to promote food safety within the workplace.

Businesses nominated for the award will receive a personal Lifelab Testing Allergy Awareness Award sticker that can be displayed in their establishment to inform customers that they have been commended for their efforts in the free-from community, the individual or business will also receive a positive write-up on our website and social media.

Those who have particularly stood out for their efforts will receive complimentary allergy or intolerance testing kits as a thank you for all their hard work within the community.

If you believe you, a friend, family member or business owner has met any of these criteria please fill in the form on this link with the requested information and we will be in touch shortly.