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The Symptoms We’re No Longer Putting Up With

The very least we should hope for from our body is to be able to live a normal lifestyle. To be able to do the things we want to without our body holding us back. When you’re putting foods into your body that are considered “healthy”, you expect that it repays you in kind by allowing you to go about your day-to-day life unencumbered by symptoms that hold you back from achieving your goals. Here at Lifelab, we know that, despite your best efforts, sometimes your body doesn’t pay out on the healthy foods you’re putting in. We also think we know why…

Intolerance and allergies are a real spanner in the works. Until you identify them, they can cause a range of symptoms that can prevent you from living a normal lifestyle. That’s why Lifelab offer allergy and intolerance testing to help you understand why your body isn’t doing its bit. Here we take a look at some of the symptoms you may be experiencing that an allergy and intolerance test could help get rid of.


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Is there anything more frustrating than putting in the work in the gym & eating the “right” foods only to still get asked when it’s due? When you eat a food to which you’re intolerant, it causes irritation and inflammation within the gut. Your body doesn’t have the enzymes required to break down the food, so bacteria does the job instead. When bacteria break down food, it produces more gas than enzymes, and those gases remain in the stomach, giving you that bloated feeling. By taking an allergy and intolerance test with Lifelab, you can identify the foods causing your bloating.


Allergies can have a severely adverse effect on sleep. When you have an unidentified, untreated allergy, it can cause inflammation of the nasal passages. This means your body doesn’t get the oxygen it needs to fuel all the cells within your body. During sleep, this is especially detrimental as sleep is when your body regenerates and recuperates cells. If your body can’t do this when you’re asleep, it leaves you in a constant state of fatigue. This year, we’re not standing for this. We’re taking an allergy and intolerance test.

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Another symptom of allergies and intolerance is persistent headaches. Headaches can be severely detrimental to your ability to lead a normal lifestyle. They can get in the way of your life at home and also have an impact on your ability to perform at work. By taking an allergy and intolerance test, you can identify the substances which are causing you headaches that stop you from being at your best.

Allergy and intolerance tests

Lifelab have a range of allergy and intolerance tests available to suit your budget, because this year, we’re not putting up with the symptoms making our lives a misery!

Cure These Symptoms With Food Intolerance Testing

With NHS waiting rooms across the country reaching capacity and GP appointment wait times extending into months, living with symptoms such as bloating, headaches, nausea and stomach pain starts to feel like the way things are going to be. Many people are living with these symptoms or any of several others which can prevent them from achieving their goals or even living a normal life. But it doesn’t have to be this way. What if we told you that food intolerance testing could be your solution?

Here we take a look at some symptoms which may stump doctors and could, in fact, be related to food intolerance.

Food Intolerance Bloating

woman holding her belly with both hands
Woman holding her belly with both hands

This symptom can have a significant number of knock-on effects. Have you ever felt inclined to get into the gym when your stomach feels full of air? Do you feel like seeing friends when all your clothes feel tighter because your belly is all swollen? Bloating occurs when food passing through the digestive tract irritates the system, this inflames the walls narrowing the passages meaning the food takes longer to get through. All the while enzymes are breaking down the food and producing gases which can’t escape due to the inflammation. This gas then sits in the stomach leading to that bloating feeling you’re experiencing. Food intolerance testing can help you identify the foods that may be causing irritation within your gut.

Can Food Intolerance Cause Headaches & Migraines

woman covering her face with both her hands
Woman covering her face with both her hands

Ranging from irritating to debilitating, headaches & migraines being caused by food isn’t something a lot of people are familiar with. Still, there is a growing connection between the foods you eat and suffering from pain of varying intensity in your head. When you have a headache it can make your work suffer, spending time with family is difficult and even bright lights can cause searing pain. Food intolerance testing can help you identify any foods that may cause you problems and, by performing an elimination diet, the removal of these foods can lead to an entirely new lifestyle.

Food Intolerance Diarrhoea & Vomiting

Diarrhoea, unfortunately, is a near unavoidable condition that everyone will experience at one point or another, same with vomiting. However, when diarrhoea and vomiting are becoming a frequent problem for you, its time to look at the food you’re putting into your system.

When you eat a food to which you’re intolerant, your brain receives a signal from your digestive system to let it know. In turn, your brain sends back a message to initiate the process to get that food out of your system as quickly as possible. This is either through vomiting or diarrhoea. Diarrhoea and vomiting can lead to electrolyte imbalance, dehydration, tooth decay and many more adverse conditions.

How Can Food Intolerance Testing Help?

Food intolerance testing is an essential tool to help save you from weeks spent waiting for doctors’ appointments or hours spent in A&E. This simple test will tell you what foods you may have an intolerance towards and how severe it is. We have food intolerance testing to suit all budgets, and you can find yours here today. You can also take our Find My Test quiz to find out what test would be best suited to your needs and symptoms.

Allergies vs Intolerances: Which one is causing your symptoms?

Our bodies are strange, even at the best of times, and we are still adjusting to it.  When you are looking to get to the bottom of strange symptoms and that general feeling of simply being unwell after you’ve eaten, you’re certainly not alone. Almost everyone suffers from headaches, but not everyone realises that they may be caused by food intolerances or allergies.

When you feel like you’re having strange reactions to food, or experiencing headaches then you may be dealing with food intolerance. 

Unique from a food allergy, a food intolerance doesn’t make you feel like you can’t breathe or give you a rash.  It just means that your body can’t really digest or work with the food, so you start to feel unwell after eating it. Help stop your headaches today with a food intolerance test.

Allergy vs Intolerance

A lot of food intolerances get misdiagnosed as a mild food allergy, or they get missed entirely because they are attributed to other common health issues. A lot of symptoms like headaches are generally caused by other health causes.

That’s why food intolerance testing is so important when you are looking at making sure that you are as healthy as possible.  To break it down into detail, let’s take a look at an allergy and a food intolerance side by side:

  • Allergy: An allergy takes place when your body sees a certain food as attacking the body.  The body then retaliates, resulting in a physical reaction as it fights.
  • Allergies can range from mild to severe.  Common symptoms include rashes, shortness of breath, flushing, hives, and, of course, the dreaded anaphylactic shock that is so common with allergies such as nuts or soy. 
  • Most severe allergies are present at birth but can develop at a later age as well.  Allergies can also vary in terms of their type when exposed to the allergen.  That is, what may be a simply annoying case of hives or itchy eyes and a runny nose one time, maybe shortness of breath and sneezing fit the next time. 
  • Allergies are not always the same severity and should be taken seriously in terms of avoidance.
  • Intolerance:
  • An intolerance is when your body is simply unable to process something that comes into it.  While it doesn’t attack the “intruder” in your body, it does react to it.
  • This reaction’s severity depends on how much of the food that you have.  The less you have, the smaller the reaction.  Common symptoms include fatigue (especially after eating), a bloated stomach, heartburn, headaches (even migraines) and diarrhoea. 
  • With proper intolerance testing, you can figure out what the trigger food is and avoid it as well as monitor how much causes a reaction so that you can continue eating it in small amounts if preferred.  Common intolerances include wheat intolerance, gluten intolerance and lactose intolerance.

While allergies tend to get all of the fame and glory, understanding the role a food intolerance can play in your life, as well as making sure that you are aware of it and can avoid it, is just as important. 

When you want to get rid of those strange mystery symptoms, as well as those constant headaches, then you can turn to a Lifelab Testing kit. You will then generally feel better and healthier. 

Whether you knew you needed it or not, grab that test and see for yourself just what the results are. If you are not sure which item is causing your variety of symptoms, you can get your hands on our Complete Body Test!

Read our success stories

At Lifelab Testing, the most important thing is our customer. We endeavour to help our customers feel much better after an allergy test, when they have reevaluated their diet to help them alleviate their symptoms, some of which include a bloated stomach or headache. Check out some of our testimonials below:

Georgia Cole – Bloated Stomach

Georgia Cole from Survival of the Fittest (ITV) decided that she would like to a Complete Body test. This is our most popular test and one that we would recommend to anyone who is looking to identify both your allergies and intolerances. A bloated stomach, as well as stomach cramps, were seriously affecting her. However, Georgia had a home-to-lab allergy test kit delivered straight to her door, and she was able to do her blood spot testing kit from the comfort from her own home. Now the days of Georgia’s bloated stomach are behind her. If you would like to alleviate your allergy symptoms, then please do order an allergy test.

Hayley Clough – Lethargic

Hayley Clough, a bodybuilder who was feeling fatigued and lethargic due to her intolerances. Fortunately, for someone in her position, she was not suffering from a bloated stomach, but she did also have to change her diet in order to help manage her symptoms. She stated she felt a huge improvement after taking advice due to her allergy test, and she also experienced a boost in her performance and training.

The Darcys – No not those ones!

The Darcys are epic foodies.They openly admitted that in their testimonials, but what they also admit is that they are suffering from severe allergy and intolerance symptoms. In their testimonial, this sentence stands out as something that many people would relate to:

“But we’ve faced some issues with our diets for a while, so we did a Lifelab Test to see what we’re intolerant to.”

Having followed a new diet for a while, they both reported an upturn in how they were feeling and what it meant for them to feel much better. Allergy symptoms are no longer thanks to the Lifelab Testing allergy test.

Nambo – Bloated stomach

Nambo is a personal trainer who was desperate to get into peak physical fitness, as he was suffering from a bloated stomach. He turned to an allergy test to try and find out what was causing his symptoms.

Leading up to competition, Nambo changes his diet, routine and lifestyle to ensure he’s in top physical shape. However, he was struggling with bloating which was keeping him awake until 3 o’clock in the morning. Uh oh.

For more information on allergy testing and doing an allergy test, Lifelab Testing offer solutions to your questions about allergy testing.

Survival of the Fittest star, Georgia Cole’s bloating battle

Like an estimated 86% of the UK female population, Georgia Cole, 25 has been suffering with painful stomach bloating and extreme stomach cramps and she couldn’t get to the bottom of why it was happening to her. Georgia starred in ITV’s latest hit Survival of the Fittest which pit a team of girls against boys in various challenges to see who came out on top, but Georgia kept her reoccurring pain a secret as she battled through week on week.

‘I was losing hope, thinking that this was what I would have to put up with for life’

– Georgia Cole

Georgia went to the hospital 3 times to try to stop her bloating but wasn’t given any answers, ‘I was losing hope, thinking that this was what I would have to put up with for life’. Luckily, she found the Lifelab Testing website which gave her information on how her stomach bloating and cramps could be being caused by reactions to foods that she has allergies or intolerances to.

After reading about the four tests, Georgia chose the Lifelab Testing Complete Body test which tests for 40 of the most common allergens, and 80 of the most common foods she could be intolerant to, which includes fruits, vegetables, dairy and gluten. The test kit was sent to her door only a few days later, and she began the process to getting healthy.

Making sure to pose for a quick photo, Georgia opened the kit and took a small blood sample using the easy to understand instructions and filled out a short registration at before putting the kit in the post with the freepost returns envelope.

And her results are in…

Once the blood sample arrived at the testing centre, our qualified and experienced specialists began preparing her results. These were then uploaded into Georgia’s ‘My Lifelab’ area for her to download and read when she was ready. The report contains a full introduction to her results, before providing colour-coded results to help Georgia understand her body.

Georgia read through her results and noticed that she had food sensitivities to lactose and gluten, which she feels explains a lot of her stomach bloating pain. She got in touch with the LiveChat team to arrange a one-to-one consultation with our qualified nutritionists which helped her to create an elimination diet and she is already feeling better, without any painful stomach bloating or extreme stomach cramps.

If you’re suffering from regular pain without any sign of what’s causing it, it could be an undiagnosed food allergy or intolerance. Find out now with an easy to understand Lifelab Testing kit delivered to your door.

Click here if you need information and advice on keeping your kids safe from food allergies as they return to school.