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Allergy Test: Your New Year’s Resolution Secret Weapon

A study found that, by the second weekend of January, most people have given up on their New Year’s resolution. The failure to see the results they’re looking for just proves too disheartening and its time to fall face-first into a large pizza. We go again next year, right?

No! 2021 is our year, and the reason is that we’re taking an allergy test.

But what’s an allergy test got to do with anything? Well, when you’re turning over a new, healthier leaf, there are specific health outcomes you’re looking to achieve. You want to look slimmer, and you want to feel fitter. What if we tell you that food intolerance or allergy is getting in the way of both of these? Read on to see why an allergy test could make this the year the resolution succeeds.

Weight Loss

Salads, soups, juices, meal replacement shakes. You’ve tried them all, but you still have that muffin top creeping over the top of your jeans. It’s disheartening, right? What’s the point in being so strict if you’re still going to have that belly. Well, what if we told you that the foods you’re eating might be masking the progress you’re making on your diet?

When you eat a food to which you’re intolerant, it is likely to cause digestive irritation which slows foods progress through your system, this means the food spends more time being broken down by enzymes leading to an increase in the gas produced during digestion. This gas then stays within the stomach, which leads to bloating. By taking an intolerance and allergy test, you can identify the foods which may be making your stomach seem artificially large.


You’ve bought the running shoes, you’ve created your inspirational running playlist, and you’re ready to go full Mo Farah. But you’ve been running for a few weeks now, and you’re still struggling for breath five minutes in. The first temptation is to think you’re still unfit, right? It’s going to take forever to enjoy running, and you can’t be bothered to stick it out.

Have you ever stopped to consider that your tight chest, difficulty breathing and a general feeling of unfitness may be down to the symptoms of an allergy? When you have an allergic reaction, inflammation can occur, meaning the narrowing of the airways, making it hard to get enough oxygen into your lungs. By taking an allergy test, you can take the necessary steps to resolve these symptoms and get back on the running track.

 We have an allergy test to suit all budgets, find yours today.

Preparing for a marathon whilst suffering from intolerances

‘Lifelab Testing’ have been following Chris’ story ever since he came to us and told us that he wanted to be healthier in himself. He believed he was suffering from food allergies and intolerances which were stopping him from becoming a runner. Gluten intolerance is one of the things he had identified.

Chris has participated in the London half marathon this year, as well as some 10K runs and events across Derbyshire. He felt that his intolerances and allergies were holding him back.

Chris took a complete intolerance test, as well as a basic allergy test, as he wanted to be in full fitness. Take a read below of how Chris utilised his Lifelab Testing results to complete his running goals, and become a lot happier and healthier.

‘So, how have I ended up running in three long-distance races this year, having never really done one before? Well, I now feel like I am at the peak of my fitness. I have always been a keen runner, but lethargy and a bloated stomach have always let me down.

I’ve been running for a while in the gym and around my local village, and I did find it quite fun. I sometimes do it with my friends but often on my own. I always felt though that there was something holding me back, and I believed it was gluten intolerance. I timed myself a few times and could feel myself improving, but not in the way that you would expect when I was training so hard.

Despite enjoying my runs, I felt fatigued beforehand and had to use up all my effort and energy into becoming the best and going on a run. I was encouraged but I needed more. I needed to take a food intolerance test to see if I was suffering from gluten intolerance, as my intolerance symptoms kept cropping up every time I ate.

I did my research (a quick type in google) and Lifelab Testing was the most appealing intolerance test I could find. There were others I considered but Lifelab was for me. I ordered my test from Lifelab Testing and the package actually arrived the following day, I was shocked.

In trying to complete the test, I had to find the help of my partner, but this was not too bad and is expected. It was pain-free but I wanted to make sure my vile was perfect. It is so important to identify a gluten intolerance, and I was determined to get it right.

I couldn’t believe how easy the intolerance test was to do! I thought this was easy, and so I went online and purchased a Basic allergy test as well. I would receive my results within 5-7 days, which was completely fine although I wanted to get running immediately. Even sending off my sample gave me the boost I needed.

Low and behold, when my results arrived, I was right! Gluten was one of the main intolerances listed, and it all fit! I spoke to one of the nutritional therapists on offer, and I cut gluten out of my diet completely. I lost a load of weight and actually felt more motivated than ever.

Since taking the intolerance test, I have signed up for three more races because I now feel confident that I can. I chat to all of my friends about it and have encouraged them to start running. I also advised my lazy friends (a few) that they needed to see what they were intolerant to. Those who hated getting up for work are now feeling a lot better!’

The Complete Intolerance test is exactly what I needed to be happier. I will go into more detail about my Allergy test one day, but for now, gluten intolerance is not holding me back, thanks to Lifelab Testing. I cannot speak highly enough of the Lifelab team!