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How an Intolerance Test can relieve stress

Modern life is full of stresses and strains which can make life tiring and exhausting. Money, work, family life, the list of things having an effect on you on a day to day basis can seem endless. Did you ever stop to consider the fact that the food you’re eating could be having as significant an impact as anything? An intolerance test can help you identify the foods that are causing symptoms that are piling the stress on.

 Here we look at how an intolerance test could be the first step on a journey to a new, stress-free you.

Brain Fog

You’ve got a list of jobs to help put you on the path to a less stressful way of life. But you cannot seem to make head nor tail of the list. As much as you look at it, you cannot make sense of what you’re looking at. You know the words, but they won’t go in. You are likely experiencing a bout of brain fog. A commonly reported condition, brain fog can have a severe impact on your ability to process information or act effectively on instruction. Sodium nitrite causes with brain fog. An intolerance test will identify foods that may be causing irritations leading to brain fog.

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Anxiety and Depression

 Tackling the factors that are causing you stress are severely inhibited by anxiety and depression. These conditions lead to apathy which will reduce your productivity and contribute to the anxiety and depression. It can be a vicious circle. There is evidence of a correlation between food intolerance and depression and anxiety. Symptoms of food intolerance contribute to the condition as you get worn down by constantly not feeling well. A food intolerance test can help you identify the foods to remove from your diet to improve your mood.

Digestive problems

Have you tried being productive when you’re suffering from stomach pain, or bloating, or diarrhoea? It can be incredibly challenging to focus on the task at hand when you’re always rushing off to the bathroom or are struggling with searing stomach pain which leaves you bent double. These symptoms are incredibly common in food intolerances and is an avoidable stressor that can be identified and removed from your life with the completion of an elimination diet using the results of a food intolerance test.

Take back control of your stress levels by removing the foods that are causing you life-affecting symptoms. Take an intolerance test today.