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Tags: Lethargy

Carina Ahmad


I’ve always found I often feel quite tired throughout the day and had always wondered if perhaps I had an intolerance to something I was eating. When I found out about Lifelab testing I thought this was the perfect chance to see if my suspicions were right.

I ordered the Complete Intolerance test online through their easy to follow website, which gave me clear instructions on which test would be most suitable for what I was after. Once ordered it seemed to arrive with me in no time at all.

The instructions for the blood test were really clear and easy to follow. Everything you needed was all provided in the box, including the pre-paid envelope to send your sample back in.

After I had sent the sample back my results came back much quicker than expected. I ended up being intolerant to quite a few foods I eat on a regular basis, so as advised I am currently limiting them from my diet to see if I feel the difference.

Overall I thought the test was great and a really good way to look over a large number of food groups that are potentially causing me some issues.

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