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Chloe – Lifelab Testing


I’m excited and relieved that my intolerance kit has arrived. I’m sharing a bit about my story as if this test from Lifelab Testing helps me, I’d like it to help dozens of others. I’ve suffered with my skin since i was young, such as eczema, sensitivities and allergies etc. I’ve had endless trips to the GP/Dermatology, used every moisturiser under the sun, multiple body creams/washes prescribed, steroid cream, medication – you name it! If you suffer with eczema/dermatitis/any form of skin issue – you will know it’s absolutely no fun whatsoever. Recently, my skin has been beyond sore. It’s flared up like never before and i’m certain it’s something i’m eating or drinking. I can almost cope with flare ups that aren’t seen but i’ve had bad flare ups on my face, eyes and hands recently which is understandably affecting my confidence. I’m looking forward to getting my results back to see what’s occurring. (I’m secretly hoping and praying that i’m not intolerant to avocado, or gin!)

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