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Tags: Bloating

Claire Neal


This little test is awesome. I’ve always suffered with occasional bloating and general discomfort when eating certain foods….so thought it was about time I figured out what actually caused it. I ordered my test online in a matter of minutes, quick & easy to understand! It arrived promptly & when I opened the box the instructions where simple to follow. The test itself involved a small prick to the finger (make sure to get your blood pumping first….I found the thumb quite good to prick as getting the blood out was easier) into the tube & that’s it….off it goes! Results came back quickly & are easy to follow online. Would recommend highly!

I did basic allergy test with lifelab testing. This basic panel actually contains wide range of most common allergies that we come across every day. It was easy to register the sample and had my results in less than a...

Jane Harris

Food intolerance

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