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Louisa Goldstone-Smith

Food Intolerance

Louise Goldstone-Smith was struggling with a bad case of psoriasis and fatigue for a very long time and decided it was time she did something about it. The psoriasis covered various parts of her body and Louisa was struggling to stay awake for a full day without falling to sleep.

After searching through the Lifelab Testing website gathering information about the services we offer, Louisa decided to take the Complete Intolerance Test which tests for 160 different key food intolerances. With the symptoms Louisa was suffering from, an intolerance test seemed more suitable to finding the trigger.

Louisa collected her blood sample with no trouble at all following the Lifelab instruction leaflet and sent it back to us here in the lab. Within a couple of days her results were uploaded to her online account and she was notified by email right away. It appeared that Louisa had two critical intolerances and several medium intolerances to be aware of. She had managed to remove all intolerances from her diet, one being wheat “which was quite hard.”

From the changes to her diet, Louisa’s psoriasis has now cleared from her body leaving just a small bit remaining in her scalp and she can now stay awake for an entire day without the need for a sleep part way through. Alongside this, Louisa has noticed her skin become clearer and her cuts have healed up. Louisa said “I can really recommend this test, it will change your life.”

Do you find yourself struggling with symptoms like Louisa? Visit our website and find out how Lifelab Testing can help you live a symptom-free life today.

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