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Personal Trainer Nambo has been helping people get into peak physical fitness by working with them in the gym and with their nutrition. Award-winning Nambo decided to complete a Lifelab Testing kit as he wanted to reduce bloating which he gets when preparing for competitions and he believes it is diet related. After being named Men’s Physique of the year and Ultimate Male Model in the UK Ultimate Physiques, he’s got his eyes fixed firmly upon the British Finals.

His success doesn’t end there though, as his male and female clients are seeing a great improvement in their health, and he led his team of Basketball players to become first in the annual European corporate games; Nambo is always looking to achieve the extra mile within the industry.

Leading up to a competition, Nambo changes his diet, routine and lifestyle to ensure he’s in top physical shape. However, he was struggling with bloating which was keeping him awake until 3 o’clock in the morning; “Staying awake would raise my cortisol levels as I was stressing, and this would cause me to retrain water which would reduce my chance of winning”

He ordered a Lifelab Testing kit to see what was causing these issues and sent a blood sample back to the labs, which was tested and his results were sent to him within 7 days. After going through his results, Nambo spoke to the Lifelab Testing LiveChat team to arrange his complementary nutritionist session (Send to nutritionist page). After speaking to the BANT trained professionals, he says “I really got a lot out of the call, the lady helped me understand my results and that I needed to make changes to my diet. I learnt that problem foods like red kidney beans and white beans had to be eliminated from my diet, as they were causing the issues. She also recommended some supplement changes and additions like peppermint which I’ve already included as part of my training regime’

When asked his thoughts about Lifelab Testing, he said: “I was surprised how easy the whole process was and the results are easy to understand. It’s given me peace of mind and reduced my bloating which in turn has reduced my stress levels. I would definitely recommend everyone gets tested so you can cut out any worries you have about your diet.”

Nambo is proud to offer the Lifelab Testing Kits to his clients to help them get the most out of their fitness regime. If you want to help others get the extra mile, sign up as a Partner now

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