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Nora Bede

“So, I’ve been struggling with breakouts for a long time now, and I can say I tried everything. I’ve even went to the doctor who gave me antibiotics for skin, gave me some strong cream too. Nothing helped at all, in fact they made it worst.

Then I started to try out different facial creams that people recommended that can help, but sadly nothing helped to get rid of those spots. I run out of ideas what to think or what to do to make it better.

I even stopped applying creams as I thought anything makes it worse.I got to a point that I lost self-love and I did not want to do anything. Just stay home and cry when I thought about my skin.

Then I started to think what if it’s something internal, something I eat, or drink affects my skin. I asked my doctor for an allergy referral, but apparently my skin isn’t as bad so they can’t send me.

Then I found Lifelab on Instagram and I was like this is exactly what I need.
Never in my life had any allergy or intolerance that I have known of, so I was a little bit nervous to take this test, what if it comes back to something I love.

But I did the big step and I sent in my blood sample. Just a few days later I received my results, which was really shocking for me. I had a few allergies and quite a few intolerances too, for the foods that I was consuming daily.

I started to take some baby steps and I cut out slowly some of the food that I was intolerant. I can say after a while my skin got better, well not the best but looks so much better than it was before. I even feel better in my own body, I lost a few pounds too, which I think because I don’t eat dairy now.

It is hard to keep it on, as I was eating dairy on a daily basis. But will try to be strong (with some cheat days included) to make sure that my body can get what it needs ”

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