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Tags: Food Sensitivities

Steph Sampson

Food Sensitivities

Steph Sampson wanted to learn more about her body and the different items it liked and disliked so an allergy and intolerance test with Lifelab Testing seemed like the best option. Steph went through the Lifelab customer journey from start to finish and absolutely loved her experience with us. In fact, she loved her experience with us so much that she decided to write a little blog about it.

If you want to read about Steph’s journey with us, please take a look at her blog, it really is a fantastic read about how she found her Lifelab Testing journey. You can also see how a Lifelab Testing at-home blood test can help you too!

If you’re considering doing an allergy and intolerance test yourself then check out our website and order your very own test with us today for as little as £74.99.

Laura Byrnes

Food Intolerance

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