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The Darcy’s

Food Intolerance

For those that know us; Catherine & I are epic foodies! But we’ve faced some issues with our diets for a while, so we did a Lifelab Test to see what we’re intolerant to. Here’s Catherine doing her test (it wasn’t as painful as she made it – but please watch this video with music it’s hilarious!) With my results I’ve learned that I’m intolerant to Dairy, Gluten & Egg. I’ve been following my new diet for about a month now and feel so much better already – I still fall off the boat every now & again because cheese, overall I’m so happy I now know a bit more about what makes my gut happy/unhappy!

I did basic allergy test with lifelab testing. This basic panel actually contains wide range of most common allergies that we come across every day. It was easy to register the sample and had my results in less than a...

Jane Harris

Food intolerance

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