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Georgia Cole from ITV’s Survival of the Fittest (2018) chose to do a Complete body Lifelab Test as she has been suffering with stomach bloating and cramps. 3 hospital visits didn’t help her so she was beginning to lose hope, but a simple blood test kit del...


My results are in! Operation get rid of my eczema is a go. I've wrote about it on my blog (sorry to the people following my lifting journey). The link is in my bio. Thanks again @lifelabtests it all makes sense now. #eczema #eczemarelief #intolerancetesting...


We decided to get our 12-year old son tested for food allergies and intolerances after he’d been having tummy upsets. We’d had lots of tests done with the GP, which showed he wasn’t coeliac and everything else in his results seemed normal so this was a l...


It’s fair to say I’ve always had a dodgy stomach! I was allergic to milk as a baby and had my first gastroscopy at the age of 9. Since then a mix of ulcers, hiatus hernia and IBS, like most people I thought I knew my triggers but I wanted some scientific p...


I ordered a test from Lifelab testing because of concerns I’ve had for several years about allergies. The test kit arrived quickly and the whole process couldn’t have been easier (takes five minutes!) The results came back in just a few short days and tha...


Laura Byrnes

Food Intolerance

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