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What is Intolerance Testing?

An intolerance test is an examination of a given sample (such as hair or blood) to check it for heightened levels of antibodies in reaction to certain foods. The test itself is easy, fast, and painless. It’s suitable for babies to pensioners, and everyone in between.

How does intolerance testing work?

Despite what some may think, intolerance testing has been carefully refined and is highly scientific. Food intolerances can be related to enzyme issues, chemicals, histamines, and even toxins. We use these triggers to identify your problem foods or ingredients so that you know which ones to avoid.

You can expect the results that you’ll get from intolerance testing to be detailed, helpful, and supportive in making your food-focused life better than ever. Once you’re no longer battling with breakfast lunch and dinner, your relationship with food is greatly improved.

Why Should I Get an Intolerance Test?

Here are a few reasons in favour of getting tested for intolerances;

  • It’s simple and fast: Firstly, an intolerance test is fast and easy to complete. The results don’t demand a painful sacrifice of time or a large amount of soft tissue. You’ll get concrete results that are clear and concise.
  • Understand your weird symptoms: Food intolerances can be difficult to figure out, especially since the symptoms are similar to many other conditions. An intolerance test takes the guessing out and lets you know what foods are causing what symptoms.
  • Helps you get a full picture of your health: Understanding your food intolerances means understanding yourself that little bit better. It’ll help you manage your health more effectively and help make life more enjoyable for yourself and those around you.

Avoid those allergies and intolerances

If you’re struggling with annoying symptoms not attributable to an underlying health issue, intolerance testing could help. Not only will it clear the fog and help you see which foods your body doesn’t cope with, but it could also help you get rid of those symptoms altogether (at the very least, you’ll be able to rule out your whether your diet is the perpetrator).

If you have an unaddressed food intolerance for too long, it will prevent you from performing at your best. Think about it: if your body is too busy fending off against intolerance or allergy, it’s running itself down. There’s not enough energy left over to make you feel or act at your best. 

Intolerance testing is ideal for anyone who’s struggling with strange symptoms, and it’ll make everything better. You’ll have a better understanding of your body and be able to work with it instead of against it. Professional and accurate intolerance testing gives you food-based freedom that would otherwise be forever elusive.

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