Wheat-free bread alternatives for those with wheat intolerance

Last Updated: 13th March 2023 · Written by Donna Mastriani

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A person suffering from wheat intolerance symptoms

Bread. The downfall of many a diet. However, when you live with wheat intolerance, the consequences of giving into carby temptation can be much more severe. 

So how do you identify if you have a wheat intolerance?  Understanding whether you are intolerant to wheat or gluten is easier with an intolerance test

Using the information gained from such a food intolerance test will then help you enjoy bread again or its wheat or gluten-free alternatives.

There are plenty of wheat-free alternatives to regular bread;

Rye Bread

Typically denser than wheat bread, rye bread is made using flour from the rye grain as opposed to wheat flour. Rye bread is a source of vitamins and minerals, including magnesium and potassium. One of the other benefits of rye bread over wheat bread is a substantially increased shelf life. That means more days of sweet, sweet bread satiety with none of the side effects associated with wheat intolerance. Some rye bread is mixed with wheat flour too, so be sure to check the label if purchasing pre-made.

Sourdough Bread

Made using rye grain flour, sourdough bread is another fantastic alternative. As the bread is typically made using fermented grains, it also has a host of other benefits including easier digestion, more bioavailable nutrients and the presence of probiotics. It is easy to bake and can be made at home. An intolerance test is the best way to find out whether you need to start looking at wheat-free alternatives.

Gluten-free bread

Another bread that is incredibly easy to make at home, it is considered the easiest way to avoid wheat. With the clue in the name, gluten-free bread is also suitable for those with a gluten sensitivity as well as wheat intolerance.

Corn Tortillas 

Fajitas & burritos are two of the most common uses for corn tortilla’s but, did you know they’re also used as a wheat bread substitute? They’re widely available, cheap and a significantly lower calorie alternative to regular wheat bread. All of this makes them a healthy choice when managing your wheat intolerance.

Corn tortilla for wheat intolerance

Sweet Potato

Okay. Not bread. But, still a great alternative. As an alternative to toast, they can be topped with many of the same things you would put on your morning slice. Added to this, they’re packed full of nutrients and fibre as well as being a complex carbohydrate which keeps you fuelled for longer.

To see whether a wheat intolerance is holding you back, you can take an intolerance test.

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