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Which test to choose?

This page will guide you through the allergy tests we offer and explain how the process works.

Do you think you might be suffering from an allergy?

This is pretty common and you’re not alone. According to research, the UK is home to more allergy sufferers than anywhere else in the world – and the numbers keep going up. This means there are thousands of Brits who have never been diagnosed. A simple allergy test could let them know for sure, but how does allergy testing work? And what sort of tests are available?

At Lifelab Testing, we offer a variety of blood tests to check for allergies and intolerances. Our tests will give you the answers you need, identifying the allergens that affect you and enabling you to avoid them in future.

Basic Allergy Test

Have you noticed that your reaction occurs after eating a certain food? If you suspect you know what could be to blame for your allergies, our basic allergy test can help you find out for sure. It works by analysing a small sample of your blood against 38 common food and drink allergens, including meat, milk, eggs, gluten and various nuts.

Your allergy test will arrive within 3 working days and contains everything you need to take a quick and simple blood sample at home. Once done, you can post your kit back to our lab using the prepaid packaging provided. Our certified team will have your results ready within 7 days – so you’ll have the answers you need as soon as possible.

Complete Body Test

Not sure whether you’ve got an allergy or an intolerance? Find out with our complete body test. This test works in the same way as our basic allergy test above, only our scientists will test your blood against 40 allergies and 80 intolerances.

As well as your results, you’ll also receive a complementary consultation with a professional nutritional therapist. They will be able to help you adjust your diet and avoid the foods that are affecting you.

How Do The Tests Work?

At Lifelab Testing, we use an in-vitro testing system known as ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay). This enables our certified team to analyse your blood for raised levels of IgE and IgG4 antibodies – chemicals that your body produces in response to antigens.

If your blood contains IGE antibodies, you have an allergy, while IgG4 antibodies indicate an intolerance. By checking for these, we can accurately diagnose your problem and give you the knowledge to make safer decisions when it comes to your diet.

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Allergies and intolerances can have a huge impact on your life. To manage your symptoms, it’s crucial to take a reliable allergy test that can tell you which foods are to blame. Browse our full range of testing kits available at Lifelab on our website.