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Why we use Trusted Shops

As many of you will be aware if you have used our services, we love to make a good impression on our customers and deliver them the ultimate experience. Whether it be purchasing their test or the aftercare we provide, we love to see how we have helped our customers, as this is a main focal point of our business.

That is why we have partnered with Trusted Shops, a friendly, helpful company who operate with the same goals as us: To make sure the customer has the best experience they can. Our expert staff and team work so hard to ensure this, and we believe that across the board, we satisfy the customer to improve their ultimate experience.

When we do receive feedback, we take it and we try to learn from it. That is why we value honest reviews from our customers, negative or positive. If it is negative, we learn from it and we improve our services. If it is positive, we appreciate and it makes us even more determined to ensure we deliver a fantastic experience.

So, whether you have bought directly from our site or through a third party, you should receive an amazing experience. We believe in the trust of customers and would expect them to trust us as much as we trust them.

This is why we feel the need to share our thoughts on some reviews. We value our CUSTOMER’S experiences, not someone who has never bought a product from us or even dealt with us in any capacity. Unfortunately, it has been bought to our attention that other software that we use to learn about the customer experience we offer (this is how important this is to us), known as Trusted Shops, facilitate slanderous reviews from ‘customers’ who have never even heard of us.

We appreciate all feedback, regardless if it is negative or positive but we cannot tolerate reviews which bend the truth. As stated, our aim is to improve the customer experience all the time, but we cannot do this if we are not sure which customers are actually leaving their reviews with us.

Trusted Shops itself offers a strong and time-sensitive service, as it benefits big European markets in which companies both big and small can benefit from. Leave your review on Trusted Shops and tell us how we can help you!