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Why is it important to get an Intolerance Test?

Last Updated: 10th November 2022 · Written by Donna Mastriani

Your body is constantly changing. Some are evolutionary changes, and some are influenced by factors such as lifestyle, environmental and even more.

Lifestyle is one of the biggest factors, and keeping yourself active is a large part of helping your body to change for the better; it is well known that a moderate fitness regime and a well-balanced diet are associated with positive body changes.

It is these factors which makes food intolerance testing so important as it won’t always be new foods that are causing you troublesome issues with your body, it can sometimes be foods that you are  eating sporadically which could be causing you food intolerance symptoms.

Using an Intolerance test is the easy way to check quickly how your body is responding to particular foods or allergens. A food intolerance test is likely to tell you which foods are causing you symptoms of a food intolerance.

If you can stop yourself suffering a reaction or putting yourself at risk of harm, why wouldn’t you?

Intolerance symptoms tends to happen up to 72 hours after you have eaten the offending food. Not knowing where they are coming from makes food intolerance testing so important and essential to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes you might be exposed to a potential intolerance if your body is not used to new foods and isn’t able to adapt.

How to pick an Intolerance Test?

The most common test for the detection of food reaction is a blood test, like the ones offered by Lifelab Testing. Nowadays there are multiple home tests available to help you get your results as fast as possible and allow you to act promptly.

Here at Lifelab Testing we are offering blood intolerance test, using well-known ELISA technology. Our intolerant test offering allows the possibility to investigate those delayed reactions that could be caused by the prolonged consumption of particular food, with the manifestation of intolerance symptoms. In fact, the possibility to test the presence of IgG4 antibodies using our intolerance test could help you and your GP to understand those delayed reactions further and get you back to a healthy version of yourself. Although IgG antibodies are not recognised by scientific boards for the investigation of Intolerances, there are scientific studies showing the use of an IgG elimination diet as a possible solution to manage some of the symptoms associated with IBS and migraines (1,2).  

Armed with all the tools you need to understand your body, try an intolerance test today, to start your journey to find a better, healthier version of yourself.


1) https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/23216231/

2) https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/18693538/

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