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Why Lifelab Testing?

Why choose us?

We are an Award-Winning Allergy and Intolerance Testing Company

Lifelab Testing are recognised by TrustedShops as the UK’s highest rated allergy testing company. You can check out our testimonials page to see just how much our customers love us and continue to buy our products as they really feel the benefits. The whole staff at Lifelab Testing is dedicated to making a difference to your lifestyle.

Take a look below at the reasons as to why you should choose Lifelab Testing.

Going Global

Lifelab Testing has grown rapidly since being founded in the UK. The company now holds a presence in both Australia and the USA, and this is testament to our ability to cater to all customers.

Expert Laboratories

Our state-of-the-art laboratory is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. Boasting excellent equipment, which is unrivalled throughout the allergy testing industry, Lifelab Testing can deliver a customer journey like no other. Have a look here.

Advisory Board

Key to our success is our Advisory Board who provide us with the necessary advice and tips on how to progress our processes and technology. Keeping us one step ahead of the developments that are always arising in the allergy testing sector, our Advisory Board ensure we deliver an exceptional experience for you, the customer.

We test exclusively for IgG4

Why is this such an advantage? Well, testing for IgG4 over IgG1 or total IgG is a massive advantage for both you and us, as it reduces the number of false-positive results being produced, and allows for more targeted, relevant results.

Proven Results with Elite Athletes

Lifelab Testing has developed a reputation for helping established athletes to ensure no stone is unturned and they maximise their performance. Click here to see a list of the elite athletes who we have helped find that extra edge and improve their performance.

Buy with confidence

We're proud of our team and are established members of the scientific community