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Angel Turner

Food Intolerance

Instagram Influencer Angel Turner knew for a while that she was suffering with food intolerances as when she ingested certain foods, Angel began to feel sluggish and uncomfortable which made her nervous to go out and enjoy a meal. She discovered Lifelab Testing on Instagram and approached us over direct message regarding an intolerance test.

After researching the information provided on our website about the testing we offer, Angel opted for a Complete Intolerance Test testing for 160 of the most common food and drink intolerances. Angel’s test was delivered straight to her door within two days and was keen to get her test done as soon as possible.

Using the information provided in the kit and on our website, Angel took to taking her blood sample and was worried that the amount of blood she managed to retrieve wasn’t quite enough. She got in touch over LiveChat right away, available on our website, and we assured Angel that the amount she had collected would be more than ok for testing. This was the perfect answer for Angel as she was a little nervous of the painless lancet prick and wouldn’t have liked to go through it for a second time.

When Angel was sure that her sample was ok for testing, she sent her blood to us here in the lab using the provided prepaid envelope and it arrived in just two days ready to be tested. The plasma was extracted from Angel’s sample and tested against the 160 allergens in the test. Her results were generated and popped into her My Lifelab account within a couple of days ready for her to view at her own leisure.

Angel discovered that she had five critical food intolerances that were causing her the discomfort including wheat, egg whites and cow’s milk. She has amended her diet to reduce the intake of these items and has already began to feel a major difference. Angel also now has the confidence to go out and enjoy a meal with little worry. Angel said, “If you know that something you are eating on a regular basis isn’t agreeing with you, I would 100%recommend taking a test with Lifelab Testing.” See Angel’s full story here.

Are you like Angel, nervous to eat out and constantly feeling sluggish? Check out our website and take a look at the products we offer that can you bring you one step closer to a happier, symptom-free life.

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