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Tags: Stomach ache, bloating

Naomi Boles

Stomach ache, bloating

Naomi Boles, owner of Send Me Free From, a company specialising in the best ‘Free From’ produce the UK has to offer, was struggling with stomach aches and bloating despite cutting out the foods she thought were causing her the issues.

After Naomi studied our Lifelab Testing website, she opted for the Complete Body Test; testing for 40 common allergy items and 80 common intolerance items after matching her symptoms with those of allergies and intolerances on the website.

Naomi’s kit arrived within a day or two and she took her blood sample with little issues following the handy Lifelab Testing instruction guide that comes with the test. She sent her results to us here in the lab using the provided prepaid envelope and she said “I was shocked at how quickly they came back.”

Upon receiving her results, Naomi said the “results were really clear and easy to understand.” Naomi was surprised by a couple of the results that showed and one allergy required a huge change to Naomi’s diet. Naomi was highly allergic to meat and highly intolerant to egg whites, egg yolk and spelt.

Naomi said “I’m much more adventurous with my diet as I feel confident of what I can eat without the negative side effects. I’d recommend anyone with unknown intolerances or allergies to try this test.”

Would you like closure on the items that are causing your symptoms? Head to the Lifelab Testing products and see how we can help you discover the new you today.

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